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Alternative Wall Panels

Concrete Wall Panels

Stone Wall Panels

For those of you brave enough to try something a bit different.

Using uPVC vinyl effects our wall panels offer you the chance to explore new patterns and ideas for your walls.

Popular Tile Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

With new ranges of tile effect bathroom wall panels being included all the time. We do our best to keep you updated with current trends, new products and top sellers.

Alternative Wall Panels

With new ranges of tile effect bathroom wall panels being included all the time. We do our best to keep you updated with current trends, new products and top sellers.

Polished Concrete Wall Panels

polished concrete effect (1)

8mm Polished Concrete

wipeable and completely hygienic.

polished concrete effect (5)

5mm Polished Concrete

Modern style bathroom wall panels.

Light Concrete Shower Panel (6)

8mm Light Concrete

Perfect for your sleek grey bathroom.

Light Concrete Shower Panel (4)

5mm Light Concrete

Simple designs for a modern home.

We love these wall panels. They really gives a genuine feel of modern industrial architecture but without the enormous expense. We can see our polished concrete excelling in industrial and retail spaces due to it’s waterproof material it’s the perfect alternative to bathroom tiles. Alongside our Light concrete which offer the perfect addition to any sleek grey bathrooms. 

Stone Wall Panels

York Stone Panel 6

York Stone Shower Panel

1m x 2.4m

Beautiful classic York Stone, for a warm & rustic bathroom. 

Stone wall effect (5)

Stone Effect Wall Panel

8mm Wall Panel

The perfect choice, for a dark feature wall. 

These bathroom panels work equally well for ceilings and bathroom walls. They take the old Victorian style of tongue and groove cladding and improve it by making it both clean and polished a professional finish for any wet room. Choosing the York stone is an excellent water resistant replacement for traditional tiles, giving the extra touch of warmth to your bathroom for a rustic home aesthetic. The Stone effect will add the cool and alluring dark feature wall to your home, perfect for a minimalist bathroom style. 

Don't compromise on your dream bathroom

Why waste time and effort with ceramic tiles, when you can explore the wide range of design choices with our easy to install waterproof wall panels. Our panels offer an excellent design piece for your shower enclosures, bathrooms or toilet areas, available in matte or gloss finish

Thrives in the wet - 100% Waterproof

So whatever the room or circumstance these products are durable and safe to use in almost all home and commercial environments and renovation projects. Whether you’re choosing our new flooring for your bathroom floors, or looking for a completely water resistant wet room. Check out the popular choices of panels. 

Advantages with plastic wall panels

Easy to Install

Whether your in the trade and you want a quality finish or your DIYing your bathroom these panels are super straightforward to use. Not to mention, high quality affordable options for any home. 


Wood, wallpaper and paints don’t generally stand the test of time but these keep on ticking. Not only is that important to looks but protecting those damp surfaces. You won’t have the same aches and pains as bathroom tiles, forget about mould! your shower cubicle will be protected with panels. 

Easy To Clean

Our plastic boards just wipe clean with soapy water and due to the tongue and groove technology there is no need to grout or sealant. Especially if used alongside our trims.

With so many styles available why not take a look around for more ways to create an impression in your home. Shop our latest 2022 trending panels as your alternatives to tile today. 

Find the latest acrylic panel trends all with a high quality waterproof finish. 

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