5 Doable Hacks for an Awesome Bathroom Transformation

5 Doable Hacks for an Awesome Bathroom Transformation

5 Doable Hacks for an Awesome Bathroom Transformation



Shower wall panels have four common types:

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  • Are you stuck into the so-called bathroom remodelling dilemma?
  • Five easy bathroom hacks
  • #1 PVC Wall Panels- The Cost-effective Wall Transformation
  • #2 Bathroom Accessories - The Statement of Decors
  • #3 Indoor Plants- The Splash of Nature
  • #4 Mirrors- How Reflection Creates More Space
  • #5 Overhead Shelves- Your Savvy Space Savior


Many are, and it’s no surprise if you’re feeling distressed with so many things to fix in your bathroom to bring it back to its finely elegant and organized look. Bathrooms may be the smallest part of your home, but you might agree that it was never easy to spruce up and maintain. Aside from being a costly project, it also consumes time to remodel your wet room.

So I bet you’re thinking, how can I remodel my bathroom quickly and inexpensively? Worry no more because ‘we’ve got you covered. We’ll give you five (5) super easy and doable hacks to restore your bathroom.


#1 PVC Wall Panels- The Cost-effective Wall Transformation

PVC wall panels are perfect for those who want to renovate their bathroom inexpensively and in just a fraction of time. Made from Polyvinyl Chloride, these wall panels are lightweight due to its thermoplastic material. But why are PVC panels great for bathroom walls?

Here are five reasons why PVC are perfect for your bathroom walls:

1. Quality that lasts

PVC Panels are 100% waterproof, which means that it is impermeable to moist and water, thanks to its synthetic construction. So, you can splash your bathroom a hint of sophistication without compromising quality.

2. Cost-effective Solution

These types of panels are super affordable. A 5 mm wall panel’s cost ranges from £5.50 to £10 while 8 mm wall panels price ranges from £8.50 to £15 pounds. You can save hundreds of pennies while daring achieve the elegant design you desire.

3. Professional Finish

You can get glossy, waterproof finish with PVC wall panels. You can also tighten its seal and add a touch of class with different wall panel trims to achieve that complete, professional look on your bathroom walls.

4. Easy to clean and install

These panels prevent moulds and mildew from growing and requires less maintenance. You can simply wipe off the dirt in your walls to restore it into its brilliant finish. But what makes it more advantageous is its installation process. PVC wall panels are easy to install that you can fit it above your existing wall coverings. You don’t need tile, cement or grout. All you need are some cutting, measuring tools and sealant, and your walls are ready for a new look.

5. Variety of Designs

There are plenty of designs that you could choose from PVC wall panels. If you’re in awe with modern and minimalistic tile panel designs, or you’re into urban-chic Brick designs, or if you want to achieve the diamond finish with sparkling wall panel designs, you can choose and set the right tone for your bathroom wall with a wide range of choices.

So, we’re done with the wall makeover, but it’s never complete without your bathroom accomplices. So, add more elegant charms, let’s look into what accessories would look grand with your bathroom.

#2 Bathroom Accessories - The Statement of Decors

Since bathrooms are usually the smallest area of the house, your decorative touch must encompass aesthetics and function. There are lots of choices for bathroom fixtures that make a statement, so we’re giving you hints on the best bathrooms stuffs you must have.

Here are some cosy accessories that you can add to your bathroom to make it more organized and stylish:

Artwork displays – The State of The art

Make your bathroom a sanctuary filled with character through displaying artworks. Don’t restrict it in your living rooms and dining rooms. You can find different affordable artworks in charity shops and car-boot sales. These splendid artworks can be displayed above a free-standing bath or anywhere you can see fit.

Apothecary and Mason Jars – Cause Less is More

You can organize your toiletries more by removing the packaging and putting it into either apothecary or mason jars. Sometimes, less is more, so a simple jar is enough to keep it stated.

Wall clock – The Classic Time-marker

Who says wall clocks aren’t for bathrooms? Of course, it is better and classy to have a clock in your bathroom walls. It’s also perfect for busy or time-conscious people who have little or no time for unimportant things.

Shower curtains – Making it a Little Private

A bathroom is often one of the most intimate places in your home. And when you first enter a bath, the first thing you might see is the shower curtain. It tends to be the highlight of the room.

But what is the purpose of a shower curtain?

It’s to keep the water off the bathroom floor and to instil a sense of privacy. It also sets the tone for your bathroom’s style.

Having a shower curtain that complements with your bathroom aesthetics whilst giving you privacy is important. So, it’s something that you should take consideration too.

Shower curtains typically cost around $10 to $100. What makes a “good” curtain depends upon how your shower’s design along with the materials.

Baskets – Tidy and Simply Cosy

If you need to tidy things up in your bathroom, then a basket could be an alternative storage space. Cluttering body wash and shampoo bottles may ruin the ambience and look of your bathroom so settle it inside your chosen hygienic and friendly baskets. And everything would be pleasant!

If you’re satisfied with our first two-bathroom décor hacks, you’re welcome! But if not, we’re giving you more ideas to make your bathroom more impressive and in style.

#3 Indoor Plants- The Splash of Nature

Taking a refreshing bath is always a haven, but you can take this haven of comfort into a more elegant feels by adding indoor plants to brighten up your space. The best thing here is that houseplants can purify the air, so you’ll not just level up your bathroom’s aesthetics; you can also add a touch of nature.

#4 Mirrors- How Reflection Creates More Space

If you have a tight bathroom area, then make it look more extensive with the mirrors. More giant mirrors reflect more space and add a spark of class to your bathroom.

So, where can you use a mirror?

You can give your wet room either a country scheme vintage style by hanging a pretty frameless mirror or a modern, simplistic framed mirror above the basin or. Mirrors fit on small unsuits or master bathrooms, or any other part of your home. The size and design depend on the room’s space and usage. Just make sure that that it compliments with your theme and it’ll be lit.

But if you’re struggling with a small bathroom space, here’s our last simple hack to let you save some space.

#5 Overhead Shelves- Your Savvy Space Savior

Storage place is such a headache when you have only limited bathroom space. So, here’s a trick! Why don’t you install vertical storage shelves above your doors? It would be a great idea to free up counter space decorative elements, and it is an attractive feature itself. You can also use it for decorative jars, vignette items, towels and other bathroom stuff.

If you need more storage for towels, then try to attach multiple towel racks at your back door. Just make sure that it’s neat and well-organized so you’ll have a complete bathroom look.

So there you have five hacks to transform your bathroom.

Bathroom renovation is a pricey task, but once you get the look you’ve been hoping for, your efforts will be rewarded.

But which hack are you going to try?

Let us know by dropping your comments in the comment section below.

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