Installing a Bathroom: Cost, Planning & Fitters

Installing a Bathroom: Cost, Planning & Fitters

Installing a Bathroom: Cost, Planning & Fitters

Installation costs catch people out every year when it comes to home renovations, perhaps this is why we are seeing more and more people turn to a DIY approach. You spend all that time planning and refining your budget for installation costs to catch you at the last hurdle. This is where we come in; perhaps you’ve only just started planning your bathroom renovation or you’re having to reconsider your budget. We’ve put together a quick and concise list of installation costs that you need to be prepared for when it comes to your budget and planning your dream bathroom

What you Need to Know About Installation Costs

While we can give an estimate on installation costs, it’s important to note that each company or contractor’s prices will vary depending on their own individual tariffs, their capabilities and whether they work at an hourly or daily rate. On this basis, we’d recommend reaching out to multiple local and reputable contractors to get comparable quotes before you proceed with your installation.

Bathroom Installation: Costs of Plumbing

There are a variety of factors that could affect the cost of plumbing installation, these range from location and ease of access to age and condition of the property, quality of new fixtures and fittings and whether drainage or waste pipework is required.

If you need a plumber for bathroom installation you can expect to pay £1600 on average and may to take up to a week to complete. This is also an important factor to consider, installation time as well as installation costs.

Bathroom Installation: Costs of Tiling

Tiling is a labour-intensive, and time-consuming bathroom installation task so, to prevent you from getting cheated out on the cost of this method we’ve put together a handy few tips of what your bathroom tiles will cost you and how much it will cost you to complete your bathroom tile installation project. In many cases, wall panels or shower panels are considerable cheaper than tiles. You could in fact save yourself the cost of installing tiles by DIY wall-panelling as they are incredibly straight forward and come with instructions. There are actually a number of reasons shower panels are better than tiles.

The 2 main factors that affect the cost tile installation are, the type of tile and who is doing the job. If you’re an expensive material such as marble, this may cost more to install than ceramic tile due to the heavy labour it will require as well as the amount of time it will require to install them. The average cost to fully tile a bathroom sits between £500-£600, including the cost of materials such as adhesive and grout. However, some contractors and/or companies may operate their installation costs based on the size of your space. If this is the case, you can expect to pay £10-£20 per square meter on average.

Bathroom Installation: Costs of Shower Enclosures

The prices of a shower enclosure installation varies depending on the type of shower you require. For example, a mixer shower costs £350 on average to install, whereas an electric shower costs an average of £500 to install. However, while the installation of a shower can be costly, the installation process is quick and efficient.

If you’re simply doing a like for like replacement of your previous shower enclosure this can take as little as 2 hours, if you are installing a brand new shower in a new home or new location in your home it can take around 8 hours.

Whether or not you’re installing a walk-in shower or a wet room this may increase the time spent on the job, but will also increase the installation fee, typically walk-in showers cost 2X of a standard shower fitting and can take up to 72 hours.

Bathroom Installation: Costs of Taps and Mixer Valves

It is estimated that installation costs for all taps and mixer valves can run from £800 to £12,000 per project. If you opt for the mixer valve option then you will be able to mix your own water supply which means no potentially costly electricity charges. As well as cost of installation you will be charged with additional costs of replacement valves in the future. For installation of all taps and mixer valves we suggest you go for a four-piece system with a hopper to hold the tap and mixer valve together; there are 4 different designs on the market; A-kits, standard units and AquaLife units. If you want a matching wash hand basin then you will have to pay for installation here too.

To Sum Up…

Installation prices can be pretty heavy when it comes to getting yourself a brand new bathroom, that’s why we always advise doing what you can yourself, there are a number of tasks that are able to be done DIY-style, without having real skill or knowledge in the trade. For example, swapping out tiles for bathroom panels can save you up to £300 on installation and products, this can be the same for flooring and even ceiling. For a further comprehensive look at individual bathroom items and products costs such as the cost of showers, baths, toilets and more, take a look at our guide to bathroom prices for 2021.

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