Making a small bathroom look bigger

Making a small bathroom look bigger

Making a small bathroom look bigger

When it comes to having a small bathroom, it’s important to try and utilise your space. Keep in mind that a small bathroom will need more space than a larger bathroom. You’ll need to think about every element of your bathroom, from showers, baths & mirrors to floor space and tiling. You may think that having a tiny bathroom can be a hindrance to your design ideas, but often it’s not the size of the room itself, but how you choose to furnish and decorate it. There are several things you can do to give off the impression of a more spacious wash-area.

If you’re looking for the top tips when it comes to remodelling your bathroom suite, including what bathroom furniture can improve the overall look of your suite, or whether you’re torn between installing a walk in shower, or master bath. The following guide will help you understand that having a smaller bathroom doesn’t have to be world changing, and there are many different small bathroom ideas that can change your bathroom into your most favourite room in the house.

1. Floor Ideas

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you won’t be able to include your favourite bathroom decorations & designs. Starting with the floor, you’ll want to balance the floor space with the wall space, try using light colours to present a more spacious look.

Next, expand the space.

Don’t let yourselves feel confined to a small bath and small shower, try experimenting. Using smaller sinks but larger vanity units can create an elegant design and also provides space for storage. Remember with a small bath, sink or shower you’ll give your bathroom a larger floor space, and to maximise the use of your new floor space try having less standing storage units but rather hanging baskets, for example you can include hanging baskets for towers, soaps & toiletries instead of drawers & boxes.

2. Wall Ideas

Using a feature wall is a great way of showing design yet simplicity, it also expands the wall space by giving the eyes something larger to focus on. Complimenting your small bathroom with panels is an easy way of showcasing a simplistic or modern look, without the mess & effort of tiling. For smaller bathrooms we recommend using smaller patterns and designs, although if you’ve chosen to have a single feature wall try to maintain light colours and as much natural light as possible, the inclusion of double windows on a feature wall is a fantastic way to include light & design into your smaller bathroom.

3. Lighting Ideas

Lighting can change the whole look of a room, a darker room will seem smaller, natural light is the best way to incorporate more lighting into your bathroom, however sometimes this isn’t always an option, and the planning to undergo implementing a window could be costly. But there are other ways to implement some great lighting.

If you’re installing a vanity station, we often recommend mirrors with built-in touch lighting, smaller lighting dotted around the area can also fill a room, alongside your main light, in many cases alternative bulb colours have been selected to give your bathroom more character.

For example your primary light could be a neutral lighting shade, but dotted around your touch points you could include blue or red lights, these also set an impressive theme for your bathroom and compliment the atmosphere of the room well.

Your choice of tiles or wall panels will also come into play when considering lighting, this is because bathroom colour palettes tend to be on the lighter side with whites & cool blues being chosen over the darker colours, that being said black marble can be implemented in the bathroom if it is accompanied by a whiter secondary colour.

The most popular wall panels at the moment include faux-marble texture or patterns with hints or gold & copper, or american-style white tile, these can be accompanied well with ring lights on vanity mirrors or larger decorative hanging bulbs that give off a vintage- inspired aesthetic.

Small bathroom storage ideas

When it comes to storing items in your small bathroom, too many cabinets can make the space feel cramped, and too many loose items gives off a cluttered impression.

There are however, some solutions to both problems

Example: A wall shelf in a room equipped with a shelving unit and vanity unit could be used in a bathroom to hang towels. Adding hanging shelves to a wall makes you look more spacious. Another top tip to add some extra storage without taking up your flooring space is a hanging ladder. A ladder shelf is practically a wall shelf. Likewise, the ladder shelf can act as a shelving unit. The upper portion of the ladder shelf is to store towels. A recessed shelf can be used to hold the family bathroom and laundry basket. It can hold the toiletries and toiletries.

There’s also the option of overhead shelves for towel & linen storage which could potentially increase space, however in this circumstance a taller ceiling may be required for it to be upheld with a design element.

Walk in Showers & Shower enclosures

Often the idea of a wet room isn’t as appealing as a larger shower space. Gone are the days of shower curtains, with many home-lovers opting for shower enclosures with gliding doors, and some choosing no doors but rather a built in wall with shower seating area.

This may not be viable in a smaller bathroom, however you can make some adjustments that allows your bathroom to encompass the elegance of a shower enclosure without sacrificing all of your bathroom space.

Take a look at your current shower positioning, if it’s a stand alone shower separate to a bathtub have you considered having it built in and fitted rather than a smaller shower cubicle? if your shower is directly attached to your bath there are similar hybrid options that have the effect of a walk in shower and walk in bath with the aesthetic of a large shower enclosure, however these are costly and won’t come cheap.

However in some cases a bath and shower isn’t always a requirement, when deciding between of the two this again frees up some space in your powder room, you may be able to incorporate a freestanding bath or larger double-bathtub when sacrificing a shower, alternatively if you’re more of a shower household you’ll be able to have a walk in shower enclosure that provides seating & other luxuries.

The cost of small bathroom renovation

All our tips for renovating your small bathroom are going to cost you money as well as your time.Generally, if you are changing the type of toilet, shower mixer or bath, including the bath slides-to-be, this bathroom remodeling project is going to be big. There are definitely ways of cutting costs in order to save an extra £, however a major overhaul or bathroom transformation will also require time, patience and planning.

There could be more than one choice, like the wall, countertop, floor tile, and all the materials of your choice which you have to decide depending on the size of the room, the dimension and type of bathroom redesign and how much you intend to spend.

Be surprised when you find some delights you may have never dreamed about. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may also have to replace everything from your shower to your bathtub or even your toilet. Also, you may have to repair the sink, the toilet, the bathtub, the sink, the toilet and the bathtub drain. The most common, installing both an extractor fan and combi boiler is going to cost you a little over £4,000.

This is also a reason the amount of money that you can save you if you renovate your small bathroom is low. Generally, if you want to replace the bath with a new one, you will have to buy more tapware, the bathtub, countertop, walls, and floor tiles to fix the problem. Also, you will have to repaint the whole room before you install the new one. You can even go for a DIY bathroom remodel to save on the bathroom installation cost.

There are also some additional luxury cost to consider that can be done overtime, however some to think of beforehand are underfloor heating options, and floating vanity sinks, these added luxury items will soon rack up the bill, but if they do come under your ‘absolute must have’ list then you’ll likely want to incorporate them before purchasing any furniture and laying any ceramic tiles down, this will make your remodelling process easier and more organised.

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