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Add a touch of glitz to your home with some of our most popular products, guaranteed to add a smile and a touch of wow to any bathroom. Our panels offer stunning results while saving you time, mess and money as an alternative to tiles.

Whether you want your walls to glisten like the sea or dazzle like a diamond necklace it’s all about personal taste and the overall look your trying to achieve. So have a browse and achieve that dream look.

Popular Glitter Bathroom Panels

With new ranges of tile effect bathroom wall panels being included all the time. We do our best to keep you updated with current trends, new products and top sellers.

Sparkle Collection

Shimmer Collection

Galaxy Collection

Sparkle Effect Cladding FAQ

Frequently asked questions from our glitter ranges

If you have a specific size you need and your not sure if these panels will fit, we recommend you get in touch with us with all the measurements you have to hand so we can advise you further.

All our panels interlock so there is no need to use sealant or grout between each board.

It is relatively easy to customise the size and shape of your panels. First measure and mark out the area to be cut, then use a saw or sharp knife to cut through the plastic cladding. Take your time and practice on any offcuts if you feel you need to practice.

We really wouldn’t recommend it. We would only use the specific adhesive that is both strong enough and usable in wet environments.

Our cladding can sit on top of your tiles!

We don’t offer this service, but if you’re not confident doing the cutting yourself, we recommend taking a look at our how-to videos or bringing in a contractor for half a day or less to complete the job for you.

We advise they are somewhere in between. However, the brighter the light in your room the whiter the panels will appear. The sparkles are also a factor in lightening the look of the panelling. Not too in your face.