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A Morning Bathroom Routine For a Busy Schedule

Morning Bathroom Routin

For a Busy Schedule

What's in this article?

Morning Bathroom Routin have four common types:

Bathroom Hacks

Are you stressed before the day even begins? Do you always forget your keys before leaving the house?

There are two types of people in this world, those who bounce out of bed at the sound of their alarm and those who press the snooze button 10-20 times before even attempting to get out bed.

In reality being the person who bounces out of bed every morning can be the hardest task of the day. We just long for those chilled peaceful mornings where we can enjoy waking up and preparing for your day. 

So why can’t we have that every morning? There’s no reason why not. With a few simple changes and tricks added to your morning schedule, you can wake up and adjust peacefully to the day ahead whether you’re a parent, student or a 9-5 worker. 

On an average morning we spend most of our time in the bathroom, whether that’s washing, in the shower, brushing our teeth, doing makeup, or let’s face it, on the toilet. Before we dive into our routine its important that bathrooms are clean and tidy. You want a space that is fresh, light and tidy. It’s like that saying “a clean room is a clean mind”. So our first unofficial pointer is to make sure that you have a clean and tidy space before your day even begins. 

1. Up and Ready - How do you get started in the morning?

Before we spend unnecessary amounts of time in the bathroom, we first have to get there. So to make sure we get there as promptly as possible make sure you set the alarm the night before and place it away from your bed. This simple step will make sure that you have to get up and out of bed to switch it off, then you’re ready to go. 

Secret Tip: as soon as knock your alarm off, switch on a lamp or light

And if you’re thinking you can sleep through the sound of your alarm without getting out of bed, I assure you, you’re wrong. Once you’re up and you’ve switched your alarm off the hardest part is over, now onto the more relaxing part of your morning.

2. Getting started - How can you be more productive in the morning?

It’s so easy to get lost in a time warp in the bathroom; in a sleepy state it’s easy to lose track of time and realise you’ve spent more than 20 minutes in the shower.

So to manage this, it’s helpful to set timers to control the time you spend on daily tasks. This will maximise your productivity and give you more time to relax for the rest of your morning. 

When I first heard of this hack, I wasn’t entirely convinced, timing yourself? Setting more alarms? Surely that will add more stress to what should be a calming morning bathroom routine. So if this sounds unappealing don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Instead of timing, why not try a cold power shower towards the end of your shower. Having a quick cold blast is a great way to wake you up and get you feeling energised and ready for the day ahead while minimising your shower time, because let’s face it you’re not going to want to spend too long under a freezing cold downpour.

Using these techniques will increase your productivity and give you more time to do things like enjoying a nice breakfast or taking some time to read before you rush off to work or school. 

3. Brushing your teeth - What’s an essential part of a morning routine?

Don’t wait until after breakfast or once you’ve gotten dressed!

One of the most essential and maybe an underrated element of a morning routine is brushing your teeth. Doing this first thing in the morning helps you feel refreshed and awake, just like making the bed. Once you’ve done it, you already feel accomplished and you’ll be in a great mindset to start your day.

And one more top tip: This is one activity where you can and should take your time. No need for a quick job, get in there and brush for 1-2 minutes, brush the sleep away and get ready for the day ahead.

4. Getting Ready - How can I look amazing in the morning?

Let’s not misunderstand each other there is no secret trick to looking fabulous in the morning. Maybe your hair just isn’t sitting right, you forgot to shave, or somehow you’ve ended up spending 40 minutes on your make up.

This is where time management comes into play, scheduling and allowing time to spend on getting yourself prepped and ready for your day is an essential part of a morning bathroom routine. We often find ourselves rushing this section of our morning (and nothing seems to go right), but by setting aside time to get ready and we are actually promoting self-care, and then enjoying the process.

How do you stick to a morning bathroom routine?

brown mosaic tile

So now that you have some tips and pointers for your morning routine checklist, how can you make sure you stick to it?

Again I wish there were some magic switch that we could press to activate somehow being a morning thriver, but what it comes down to is consistency. I found that putting my bathroom routine into a checklist is what kept my routine on schedule (plus the satisfaction of ticking off your completed tasks) it sets you up right for the day ahead. 

Stick to your bathroom door or keep it next to your bed, or even take some tips from our checklist and create your personalised list for your ideal morning. 

Bathroom Hacks

Bathroom Routine Debunked

Morning routines sound great on paper but can often come across a bit pretentious or unnecessary. Their not for everyone, and that’s ok. 

If you’re simply looking for some tips to enjoy your mornings rather than a set routine. So, let’s debunk the bathroom routine, here are some of our favourite simple morning methods: 

  1. Keep a clean bathroom space 
  2. Fill your bathroom with your favourite products 
  3. Start your day with an activity you enjoy, whether that’s reading, exercising, watching some of your favourite programme 
  4. Plan your breakfast the night before 
  5. Set out your clothes for the morning the night before
To really enjoy your morning it’s all about the simple pleasures. Like filling your bathroom with your favourite shower gel and products, looking forward to your favourite breakfast whether that’s a simple cereal or a loaded breakfast burrito. Whether you’re busy with work responsibilities, caring for children or swamped with deadlines it’s important to take time in the mornings to set yourself up for the day. Routines may not be your thing but take time to enjoy at least one element of your morning and watch how it improves the rest of your day!

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