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Choose from our inspired range of ceiling panels. From unique sparkle effects to modern simplicity, we have a collection of unique designs to give your home a bit of added flair. Our customers are as unique as our panels, so whatever your desired look, we’ve got the panel for you!

Ceiling panels come from a specialised that design that provides heat insulation, waterproofing and protects your home from mould and scum. Our panels not only give you a unique look but ensure that your bathroom keeps that premium showroom finished look. So you’re always ready to dazzle!

From our sparkle panels with a modern chrome infusion to a classic white gloss panel, we give you, as the customer, creative control to design and bring to life bespoke bathroom to last you a lifetime.

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Store and Trade

We mainly provide products to tradesmen who are working in commercial venues or more domestically in local homes. We supply a wide range of panels, in different colours, textures and sizes.
Our main store, based in Aberdare, is also open for any customers looking to query anything or take a first-hand look at our products. Our friendly staff will be on hand to help with any questions or guidance.

Mediterranean Panel - Tile effect

Tiles v Panels

One of the burning questions when it comes to bathroom panels – What's better tiles or panels?
Panels are a relatively modern concept, and more people are discovering their benefits everyday. Compared to tiles they are cheaper (per meter squared), quicker to install and there’s no need to grout! Making them hygienic and durable. Traditional tiles may last longer than panels, as materials such as stone are typically more resilient than uPVC, but panels are commonly cheaper and quicker to replace than tiles.

Bathroom Panels

Bathroom v Shower

The main difference between shower and bathroom panels is the thickness and dimensions.
Shower panels tend to have a thickness of 10mm, and are 2400mm x 1000mm. Whereas bathroom panels can come in 2 different sizes – 8mm thick, 2600mm x 400mm and 5mm thick, 2600mm x 250mm.
In regards to the fitting there is no difference in the method of fitting but it is recommended that you use a clear silicone based adhesive when installing shower panels. Whereas any silicone based adhesive can be used for bathroom panels.

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How To Install

We do not provide installation services but we are more than happy to help with any queries you may have.
Your panels will need to be cut to fit the dimensions of your wall/shower before installing. When cut, all you will need is some adhesive, trim and screws and your bathroom will start to take shape. Make sure to push the panel firmly against the wall once the adhesive has been applied to allow the panel to bond firmly with the wall.

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