10mm Black External Corner Trim
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10mm Black External Corner Trim



10mm x 2400mm Black External Corner Trim


Sticky out corners can be a real pain…not anymore. These 10mm black external corner trim are not only straight forward but provide a professional finish.

  • Easy fitting – They simply slide over the edge of your shower wall panels. A DIY dream.
  • 100% Waterproof – These create a watertight seal with your cladding so no need to worry about damp or condensation.
  • No maintenance – Our trim are made from uPVC and therefore neither rot or allow mould growth. Just wipe clean.


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Installing a beautiful wall panel in your bathroom or living room will definitely add a coveted accent to it. However, it takes a proper trim to achieve a sophisticated professional look. Unfortunately, with so many terminologies in the construction world, it’s almost impossible to tell which trims work perfectly with certain wall panels. Seemingly minor details such as the trim’s thickness, shape and colour can affect the overall appearance of your wall and that of the room. In this article, we tell you when to use the black 10mm external trim;

When you’re using thick panels

Matching the thickness of your wall panels with that of the trim is quite essential as it contributes to balance, After all, balance is an important artistic element which adds to the aesthetic value of your room. The 10mm black external trim goes hand in hand wall panels with similar thickness. While some panels come in slimmer sizes, others such as marble and stone effects are quite thick and therefore require thick trims to achieve balance. Using a thinner trim will lead to imperfections as the panel overshadows the trim. Therefore, go for 10mm trims if you’re working with 8mm or 10mm wall panels.

Angles also matter

Different corners require different trims. Some corners are formed by two walls converging inwardly while others are formed by walls diverging outwardly. The former is known as an internal corner while the latter is referred to as an external corner. An external corner trim is supposed to be used when walls diverge outwardly. Such a trim can even out crooked wall joints as well as making rough edges smoother and safer. On a general note, this trim neatens the appearance of such corners. External corners are mostly formed near doorways, or entrances and in areas where an open plan room transitions into another.

Colour choice

Your wall panel’s thickness could be matching the 10mm black external trim but if the colours don’t match, you’ll end up with an unpleasant finished product. Black trims are very bold and outstanding and they need to be applied carefully, You do not want your trims to appear out of place or to attract too much unnecessary attention. Therefore use this trim if your panels can either match or complement it. Black trims blend in perfectly with black wall panels, These two can be paired up if you’re trying to achieve an all-black look in a bathroom or living room. You may also use the black external trim as a contrasting accessory if your wall panels come in white or grey hues. However, avoid pairing the black trim with brown or red hues as this may cause an extreme clash or discord.

In summary, the 10mm black external trim is structured to accompany specific wall panels in terms of thickness, wall angles and colour, It is however perfectly okay to be creative and to add a bit of personal touch when pairing this trim with wall panels. It’s easy to fit and the price is quite friendly. Overall, this trim will give your space that final touch that separates professional from cheap.

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