10mm Chrome Shower Panel Coving
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10mm Chrome Shower Panel Coving



10mm x 2600mm Chrome Effect Ceiling Coving

The 10mm Chrome Effect Coving is the ideal trim for a bathroom with a large number of chrome effect bathroom fittings and is also compatible with other bathroom designs.

  • Professional and luxurious look – The coving looks like expensive metallic trim, yet, it is made from PVC and is affordable, waterproof.
  • Easy installation – Even inexperienced users will not face any kind of problem during installation since it is designed to fit on the panels of the ceiling or wall easily and is lightweight.
  • Multiple installation options – Depending on preference, it can be installed using a silicone adhesive or using screws to fix it on the wall panel.

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The coving with a chrome effect is ideal for those who are using the chrome-plated bathroom and plumbing fittings. Chrome effect coving is heavy, difficult to cut and expensive. This chrome PVC coving looks very similar to metallic coving, yet is available at a far lower cost. The top edges of the wall where it meets the ceiling are usually difficult to clean, and dirt accumulates in these corners. Installing the coving will cover the angled edges, to form a curved concave surface which is easy to clean. This will also make the bathroom appear larger and protect the walls from water. The trims are made from high-quality PVC and are designed to last for a long time. Trade professionals, as well as homeowners, prefer to purchase our covings because they are well designed and can fit easily.

The chrome covings are available in different sizes to fit the wall and ceiling panel. They are supplied in a standard length of 2600 mm or 2.6 m. This particular 10 mm coving is suitable for 10 mm wall panels. First, the dimensions of the bathroom walls where the coving is being installed should be measured accurately. If the length of the walls is more than 2600 mm, more than one length may be required. It is advisable to add 5% to the measured length while determining the total length of coving required, since there may be some wastage while cutting the coving for each wall.

Fitting the plastic coving on the bathroom ceiling
It is advisable to use a saw or knife which is sharp for cutting the coving quickly and accurately. If the coving is being installed on all the walls of the bathroom, the ends should be cut at an angle of 45 degrees, so that they will fit together properly. A mitre can be used for cutting at an angle. After this, it is advisable to use the silicon adhesive we supply, to the flat surfaces of the coving, so that it can stick on the bathroom wall and ceiling. Screws can also be used for fixed, yet adhesive is recommended since it will seal any gap. The wall and ceiling panels will align perfectly with the coving to form a smooth curve. Since the chrome coving is made from PVC, it will not be spoiled or affected by the water in the bathroom.

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Dimensions 2400 mm