10mm Chrome End Cap Trim
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10mm Chrome End Cap Trim



10mm x 2400mm Chrome Effect End Cap Trim


Start and finish your new shower cubicle with ease and style thanks to these 10mm chrome effect end caps. Also known as starter trim or ‘J-Trim’, these make installing your shower wall panels seamless.

  • Slot them on – Why use messy silicone or grout edges when you can add definition and save time.
  • 100% Waterproof – Our trim is designed to grip the panels, so you get a watertight seal.
  • No stain – Wipe them clean, and they are as good and shiny as when you first fit them.

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The secret to obtaining the best finish to your shower wall panels is to use the perfect trim. Amongst our massive selection of bathroom trim solutions, end cap trim is incredibly versatile. Also called J-Trim or universal trim, these trim strips provide a perfect finishing touch to the edge of a bathroom wall panel.

The 10mm Chrome end cap trim forms a neat and clean finish with a little extra flair. The sparkle of chrome end cap trim provides a little bit of magic that you won’t get from regular white or black trim. Used to finish the edges along any of our contemporary wall panel designs, 10mm chrome end cap trim will make all difference. You are taking your bathroom from clean and elegant to a grand statement of your style.

Like the wall panels that it is designed to enhance, 10mm chrome end cap trim is wonderfully easy to install. You don’t have to spend days, or use upmarket professionals, to obtain a superbly elegant bathroom. The beauty of bathroom wall panels and trim is the perfectly simple design. Everything slots together effortlessly.

Installing 10mm chrome end cap trim is an absolute pleasure. Cut the trim to the correct size, using a hacksaw, then press the end trim into position. It is secured with silicon adhesive that will keep everything clean and beautiful for years to come.

We usually expect a cheap product to be second best. This cannot be said for PVC wall panels and trim. Modern materials and manufacturing techniques have revolutionised the way we do things. Bathroom wall panels and trim are now the best alternatives to wall tiles. Without spending a fortune, your dream bathroom is within reach, and chrome end cap trim can make all the difference.

Bathroom wall panels are an elegant, durable, and cost-effective solution for wall cladding. It is taking this concept from beautiful to exceptional lies in the details. This is why 10mm chrome end cap trim is so popular. It finishes the look with perfection.

The modular wall panel system, with all the trim options you’ll ever need, allows anyone to renovate their bathroom, without wasting your precious time or money. In virtually no time at all, you can have the wet room that is the envy of your friends and neighbours, and it won’t take your life savings to get there.

To complete the professional, seamless beauty of your bathroom wall panels, the right trim is essential. This makes 10mm chrome end cap trim the perfect way to enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom renovation.

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Dimensions 10 × 2400 mm