10mm Chrome Internal Corner Trim
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10mm Chrome Internal Corner Trim



10mm x 2400mm Chrome Effect Internal Corner Trim


These chrome effect corner trims make those tricky corners a breeze and 100% waterproof. They also give your shower and bathroom a real professional finish that you won’t get with silicone or grout.

  • Easy to fit – Your shower wall panels will slide in and grip easily (though silicone adhesive is also recommended).
  • Premium look – These PVC trim will keep their clean metallic shine and only need a wipe to keep looking great.
  • Durable – They don’t rot and are resistant to mould, keeping your bathroom safe and hygienic.

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This corner trim is designed to cover untidy edges and internal joints. It gives a premium quality finish to your wall panels with its elegant chrome look. Since it has a metallic design, it suits a range of sparkling wall panels. It adds aesthetics to the room and improves the waterproofing system of wall panels. Here are other benefits of using this panel trim.


This trim is completely waterproof and versatile. You can use it around your kitchen splashback and bathrooms. It is ideal for wet rooms because it provides a watertight seal and keeps the board from suffering any water or physical damage. It’s highly durable and cost-effective. 


If you love DIY installations, this chrome trim for internal corner is an ideal solution since it doesn’t need screws to hold it in place. You just need to cut it to an appropriate size, then, apply adhesives to fix it to the wall. You can get a clean finish since the panels slot easily into the trim and instantly hides unsightly edges. Its seamless design makes it easy to install onto walls and even tiles. Therefore, you can create perfect internal corners with this trim without much effort.


Another benefit of using this trim is it’s very hygienic, and there’s no chance that mould can build-up in it. So your bathroom can remain looking neat and fresh. Cleaning it is also pretty easy because you just need to wipe it down with damp cloth and soap, and it’ll be sparkling clean again.


This panel trim is available in 3 colour options – black, white and chrome. You can also find it in a range of sizes from 5mm to 8mm to 10mm. So, you can have a lot of choices based on your wall panels’ design and dimension. When choosing the right colour, see to it that it matches the shade of your wall panels. Chrome trims usually blend well and bring out the elegant aesthetics of neutrals and sparkling wall panels. White trims, on the other hand, perfectly blend with any tone. Whether your walls are green, black, grey or red, it can provide a beautiful contrast and tone things down. Black trims are also as timeless as white, and it is best paired with white, cream and other warm and light colours. It’s ideal for highlighting beautiful views or panels like a portrait. 

So, get this corner trim and complete your bathroom walls’ look today! 

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Dimensions 10 × 2400 mm