10mm Grey End Cap Trim
10mm Grey End Cap Trim
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10mm Grey End Cap Trim



Shower Panel End Cap Trim Grey 10mm

Cover up any bathroom imperfections with the end cap trims. Use them alongside our wide range of shower wall panels for a completely polished & professional finish

These are starter trims for those creating a new shower enclosure.

  • Starter Trims The best option for creating a brand new waterproof shower enclosure with our shower panels.
  •  Easy To Install – Simply measure, cut, stick and place. No Fuss.
  • Professional finish – These trim look great as part of your installation mainly if you’re left with any rough edges.

These are suitable for 10mm  uPVC boards. Also available in black  chrome  & White.

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10mm Grey End Cap Trim

Installing shower panels to create a whole new bathroom environment is easy, and it’s just as easy to do this using our End cap trims, known to be the ‘starter trim’ for your bathroom walls, they create a seamless finish in all bathrooms, combating rough cut edges for an overall flawless finish.

How To Use End Cap Trims?

End cap trims are really straightforward to use, you simply cut and measure to size, and installs between your chosen wall or shower panels, this adds an additional waterproof barrier between your panels and your underlying wall surface, making your bathroom a more hygienic and water-resistant space.

You can use these on any flat bathroom wall surface area, in your wet-room, bathroom, downstairs toilet or even shower enclosure.

Just like our wall panels, fitting these trims on any surface is a breeze, you won’t need to worry about removing existing ceramic tiles or re-plastering your walls. They slot on to any type of surface, making it easy to cover up any  bathroom imperfections.

Trims Shape & Sizing

We offer a wide variety of alternative shape and sizing trims to ensure that your bathroom needs are met, whether that’s external or internal designs for both flat surfaces or cornered and edged bathrooms, our trims are designed to complement the shape of your home and allow your panels to have a finished and elegant end result.

These 10mm groove trims can fit 10mm thick panels, our product extends over a length of 2400mm or 2.4 meters. This is quite long and can usually cover the entire distance from ceiling to floor, but you need to measure your walls to make sure.

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Dimensions 10 × 2400 mm