10mm White End Cap Trim
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10mm White End Cap Trim



Shower Panel End Cap Trim White 10mm


Start and finish your shower or wet walls with these 10mm white end cap trim when using shower wall panels. The mouldings slot over the edge of your PVC boards and cover up the exposed side. They are particularly useful if you’re trying to hide away any rough cuts as they give an immaculate finish.

  • These are starter trims for those creating a new shower enclosure.
  • Easy to fit – Why go down the silicone or grout route when you can just cut, slot and secure these trim.
  •  100% Watertight – After slotting use a little adhesive and your damp seal is complete
  • Professional finish – These trim look great as part of your installation mainly if you’re left with any rough edges.

These are suitable for 10mm  uPVC boards. Also available in black & chrome and various sizes from other trim pages.


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10mm White End Cap Trim – For Shower Wall Panels

Also known as J-Trim/Starter Trim

White is usually associated with luxury, and this is precisely what our 10mm white end cap trim look to provide. This is because the product contributes towards a clean and professional white-strip-like solution towards finishing any wall or shower panelling edge.

As more homeowners are shifting towards the cheaper panelling alternative, it is inevitable that some of them might have some rough edges, which can dent the otherwise professional finish due to the minor imperfections.

However, such edges should not worry you if you use our 10mm white trim because:

• It can be easily installed on any surface
Using either screws or adhesive, this product can be fitted above a plastered wall, a painted wall or even a tiled surface to go hand in hand with the installed panels, which are also designed to fit above these types of surfaces.

Such a setup makes it possible to hide certain imperfections such as unevenness or roughness while also complementing the installed panels.

• Easy to Clean
It may be white, but you won’t have to worry about cleaning our trim because it has a PVC construction that has a smooth surface for secure wiping. PVC also does not allow mould or fungus to grow on it, reducing the possibility of staining or discolouration.

• Elegant
With a white finish, our end cap has a sleek look that will add a touch of class to entire panelling work. It will blend well with white and may act as a decorative strip if you have dark panels such as our shimmering black kind.

• Waterproof
Being a plastic, PVC is impermeable, and this means that the 10mm piece prevents moisture from penetrating through. The result of this is a durable finish because water tends to make things grow or rot once it starts creeping into crevices and permeating through materials.

• Big in size
With a 10mm groove that can fit 10mm thick panels, our product extends over a length of 2400mm or 2.4 meters. This is quite long and can usually cover the entire distance from ceiling to floor, but you need to measure your walls to make sure.

Despite being this long, the end cap is very easy to handle during transportation and installation because the plastic construction makes it very lightweight. It can also be easily cut down to size to create a perfect fit because plastic is soft.

• Affordable
Affordability is something that we take into account and more so because panelling should be and is the current cheapest way to give your house a new, modern and fresh look. Considering this white end cap trim, it is very affordable and will set you back only a few pounds.

Features at a Glance
• Size: 10mm x 2400mm
• Material: PVC
• Finish: White
• 100% waterproof

With all these benefits, the ball is in your court. Get to polish off your panels with our 10mm white end cap trim to make the entire installation feel and look very professional.

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