black panel corner trim
25mm x 25mm Black PVC Corner Trim
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25mm x 25mm Black PVC Corner Trim



25mm x 25mm x 2610mm Black Corner Trim

The 25 x 25 Black PVC external corner trim is best used to hide uneven walls and provide a better aesthetic and design to your bathroom. They can be used on our shower & wall panels and add more of a bold effect to your room. 

Simple fitting – cut and stick using silicone or glue.

  • Robust design – keeps the corners looking fabulous for years and years!
  • Waterproof and hygienic – wipe down clean when needed.
  • Multipurpose – can be used to any corner and easy to custom cut.

Also available in the shade of White 

Also available in Chrome

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If you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom, look no further. The 25 x 25 Black PVC external corner trim is the perfect accessory to make your bathroom stand out. This trim is designed to blend in with any type of environment, and will help keep 100% waterproofing in your bathroom.


Our Corner trims are easy to install, and does not require a professional interior designer to put together. To start, begin measuring the length of the corner, then cut and fix it to the walls using a silicone adhesive ( we also offer our own silicone adhesive  this is needed, however any simple silicone adhesive will work). If these tools are not available in your toolbox yet, you can check out our Stanley mitre box which has a free saw and safe storage. It’s an essential tool for every DIY-er, so it’s worth a look. 

Requires Minimum Maintenance

Being black allows these corner trims to show less dirt, dust or damages, you’ll be able to clean them really easily with a damp cloth and some soapy water, a good idea may be just spraying them down after every use if they are situated around your shower.

100% Waterproof

This panel trim is made from PVC and specifically designed for wet areas. Thus, we can assure you that it has the right waterproof capabilities. It keeps the moisture away and prevents the build-up of moulds. So, your home is surely protected, and you won’t have to worry about moisture seepage anymore. 


It’s a bit challenging to cut the panels, especially if it’s your first-time fitting wall panels. Rough cuts may result in crooked, uneven surfaces, which can be unsightly. But you don’t have to worry because there’s a solution to that problem. By using a panel trim, you can conceal the imperfections in the corner of your walls and achieve a seamless, professional look.

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