Silicone & adhesive gun
400mm Sealant / Adhesive Gun
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400mm Sealant / Adhesive Gun



Universal sealant & adhesive gun. For use with all silicone cartridges sold by us.

  • Bathroom Sealant
  • PVC Adhesive

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This is a standard sealant and adhesive gun as used by most of our trade customers.

Use can use it universally with all silicone, acrylic and glue products that we sell.

No caulking gun will last a lifetime but this one won’t snap or bend after a few uses as we’ve seen from a lot of them.

How to use a sealant gun:

  • Release the plunger of the gun by pressing the release at the back
  • Once it’s fully extended you should now be able to place the tube inside with the pointy end at the front
  • Push the plunger back slightly so that it is now softly touching the back of the cartridge
  • Break the inner seal of the cartridge and screw the nozzle firmly into place
  • Cut the tip of the nozzle at a 45-degree angle
  • The gun is now set and applying pressure will push out the silicone but beware of the speed it comes out and also that it may carry on escaping for a while after you release the trigger.

If you’re new to using sealant then you might find the guide helpful at the bottom of our sealant page.

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