Stanley 5m Tape Measure



Magnetic Pocket Measuring tape.


Rubberised case

Magnetic end hook

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There are different types of tape measure available from the market. One of the common types of measuring tape is the pocket-friendly and spring return tape measure. Using this type of tape measure, you can measure distances or items by yourself in a simple, straightforward manner. When you have finished measuring, the mechanism adopted allows you, without any problems, to return the tape measure to its case.

Another feature often associated with a spring return tape measure is that usually, it has a small hole on its tang or hook. The gap is essential for driving a nail through it for holding the tape measure in its desired place.

One of the spring return or pocket tape measure type and brand available from the market is the 5m Tape Measure. The5m Tape Measure is one of the many products of the BlueSpot Tools Company. The tool is available at a pocket-friendly price and has different features which have contributed to it being a valuable tool, especially when installing wall panels.

This excellent value product has a small size enabling it to be a perfect fit for those who do not have deep pockets. Also, you are also able to realise a good level of comfort when using this 5m Tape Measure since its body is made using plastic, and the case grip is rubberised. You’ll find the other essential features of this tape measure below.

• Impact resistant: This has been made possible since the tape measure has an ABS plastic case with a rubberised or soft grip case.
• Push button lock: This feature is vital for keeping the blade firmly in its place for increased safety and enhanced ease of use.
• Magnetic end hook: This makes the tape measure suitable for measuring to/from a metallic surface.
• Metric and imperial: The metric and imperial measurements or graduations of up to 5m/16ftof this tape measure are easy to read. The imperial and metric graduations blade is enclosed in a bi-material case that is impact resistant.
• Comes with a string to help you better handle and carry the tape measure around.

In conclusion, this 5m Tape Measure is suitable for different tradespeople such as carpenters, plumbers, and masons. This pocket-size retractable measuring tool is essential for any workshop or building site. This simple tool was designed to offer its users convenience. If you want to take accurate measurements, you are required to spend a bit of time to learn about the tool’s design details. This will allow you to read and accurately use the tape measure.

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