Black End Cap PVC
8mm Black End Cap Trim
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8mm Black End Cap Trim



8mm Black End Cap Trim


Get the most out of your wall panels by starting and finishing your feature wall with these 8mm black end cap trim.

  • DIY friendly – No matter your skill level simply cut, slot and stick onto the end of your wall.
  • 100% Waterproof – Not only is this product PVC but it’s designed to create a water seal with our wet wall cladding.
  • Durable – These provide a hard edging to your exposed wall panel edges that don’t rot or attract mould.

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There is something about a good quality finish that satisfies the heart, mind, and soul. You feel at ease and can’t take your eyes at the attention to detail that adds value to the whole piece.

If you want to feel this way as you look at your shower or wall panel installation, then you need our 8mm black end cap trim. This product is designed to cover up any imperfections on rough panel edges, resulting in a proper, professional finish.

The reason why our end cap trim is highly regarded is that it has the following features:

• Black is the new black
Though considered dull to some, black is a neutral colour, and most people find it to be cool. Just as the name suggests, this black end cap trim comes in this colour, and it has a matte finish that gives it a better appearance once installed alongside your wall panels.

In fashion, people usually say you can never go wrong with black because it blends easily with other colours.

Well, you can also never go wrong with our black end cap trim because it blends well with differently coloured wall panels, creating a black strip or trim over brightly coloured backgrounds (such as our white platinum panels) and a seamless finish on dark surfaces (such as our black galaxy panels).

• A Waterproof Surface
This product has a 100% waterproof surface because it is made entirely out of a PVC plastic material. Plastics are impervious, and therefore, no moisture will get to the wall surface underneath.

With this, you should not worry about rotting, lousy odour or mould and fungus growth emanating from the hidden wall surface.

• Easy to Clean
Further to being waterproof, our 8mm black end cap trim is very easy to clean and maintain because the impermeable surface resists the growth of mould, mildew and other types of fungus. This results in little or no staining/ discolouration, which is usually the case when grout or silicone is used.

The end cap’s surface is also smooth for quick and easy wiping while the black colour hides some minor stains that would otherwise be visible on a brightly coloured cover.

• Lightweight
With a plastic construction, this item is very lightweight. Even with a sizable length of 2.6 meters and width of 8mm, it weighs only 0.31 kilos, and this makes it easier to handle during installation. You can do the fixing by yourself.

Apart from this, the plastic is soft enough to cut to size to fit the end cap into the available space.

Other Key Features
• Easy to install using screws or glue. The end cap can be fitted over tiled, painted or plastered surfaces, covering up any imperfections such as unevenness as well the rough edge of the shower or wall panel.
• Reasonably priced. You get value for money on purchasing our black end cap trim, as well as all our products.

Well, what are you waiting for? Order this 8mm black end cap trim and give your panels that deserving finish to complete the installation in a much professional way.

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