8mm Black External Corner Trim



8mm x 2600mm Black External Corner Trim


Wrap around corners with ease thanks to these 8mm black outside corner trim. Just slot your 8mm wall panels in and we’d recommend a little adhesive to secure.

  • DIY Dream – Simply cut, slot and secure.
  • 100% Waterproof – If you are using these in wet rooms you won’t have to worry about damp or rot.
  • Professional finish – These trim give your bathroom makeover that premium magazine look.

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External trims are meant to cover the outside corners of the edges of your wall or shower panels as a way to finish off the installation work in a professional way.

This is because panels cannot go around corners and therefore, you must cut them to shape. Once this is done, the panel-end around the edges is usually left having a very rugged finish.

With our 8mm black external trim, you can hide these imperfections by tucking the panel inside the trim to finish off the project beautifully and professionally.

This is because it has 8mm slots on each side that accommodate 8mm thick panels from either side of the corner and covers them up with a smooth face. Apart from this, our trim gives you the following benefits.

• Beautiful black finish
Some people don’t like black because it is a dull colour, but our 8mm black external trim will surely leave a good mark once installed along with your wall or shower panels.

Black is also sort of a universal colour, and this means that you can fix our product alongside differently coloured or differently finished wall/shower panels.

• Fully waterproof
Our moulding trim is designed to completely seal off the wall surface underneath from contact with water, and this is very important because it keeps nasty bacteria, mould, rot and foul smells from developing.

This is made possible by a PVC construction, which is a type of plastic and as you know, plastics are impermeable.

• Easy to Install
With a PVC construction, our external trim is very lightweight, making it much easier to handle during installation. You can even do the fitting on your own using either glue or screws, after which you have to slot in the panels.

However, as the name suggests, this product’s slots can only accommodate 8mm thick panels. If yours are thinner or thicker, you can check out our 5 and 10mm black external trims.

• Hygienic
One of the most important benefits of the waterproof properties of PVC is that it makes our trim easy to clean. A simple wipe using a wet cloth will get the job done.

Furthermore, since it is black, small dirt particles or stains will not be readily visible, leaving your corners looking clean for more extended periods as compared to brightly coloured trims. This though does not mean that you let them accumulate dirt.

• Affordable
We value you as our customer, and one of the best ways of showing this is by offering you this external trim at an excellent price.

• Large in Size
As we offer our 8mm black external trim at a reasonable price, we do not compromise on size. This product is 2600mm long, which means that it can cover the entire height of the wall from top to bottom so that you use few, continuous pieces to create a seamless finish.

As you can see, our moulding trim stands out from the rest due to its quality, size and finish. Therefore, you should get it as soon as possible and get to marvel at the results.

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Dimensions 8 × 2600 mm