8mm Black Internal Corner Trim
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8mm Black Internal Corner Trim



8mm x 2600mm Black Internal Corner Trim


Corners don’t need to be tricky!  These black trims are designed to fit effortlessly into wet wall and shower panel corners; they have a nice smooth curved finish are so much easier than silicone.

Easy to Install – With just some adhesive you can quickly apply this trim to a corner and then just slot in your cladding of choice.
Built to last – Made from uPVC these trims are resilient and 100% waterproof finish comes with a lifetime guarantee.
Rounded Finish – A bad edge to the corner of a shower or bathroom wall can spoil your hard work, with these that won’t happen.

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8mm Black Internal Corner Trim

Bathroom wall panels are changing the way a lot of people and businesses do renovation, and our inside corner trims help finish the job. They add a polished and refined professional look to your shower and bathroom walls.

Why choose 8mm black internal corner trim?

This right angel trim makes it easy to join two corner pieces together. They can also help if your cutting was a little rough or off as you’ll be using these against the full length (or two) that you’ve just cut.

Since these corners are uPVC, they do not discolour or corrode, unlike conventional filling silicone. So they are providing you with not only a quality look but a fully waterproof edge to your wet walls.

How to install 8mm black interior corner trims

Furnishing the walls of your bathroom does not necessarily have to involve an expert, as fitting these 8mm Black inside corner trims are a relatively straightforward DIY task.

To fix your internal trim, you first need to take your height measurements and use them to cut across the width of trim. After you’re done, you apply your adhesive to the rear flat edges and stick it into the corner (some times you may need to slot one of the panels in at the same time). Your wall panels will then slot into the gaps giving you a perfect and professional finish.


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Dimensions 8 × 2600 mm