8mm Chrome PVC Coving Trim
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8mm Chrome PVC Coving Trim



8mm x 2600mm Chrome Effect Ceiling Coving


Finish your masterpiece bathroom or wet room in style with these 8mm chrome effect ceiling coving trims for your walls or ceiling cladding.

  • Slot them on – These easily combine with your 8mm wallboard of choice with a little adhesive.
  • 100% Waterproof – No need to worry about condensation, decay or mould.
  • Wipe Easy – Keep your bathroom shining as you clean away dust, dirt or watermarks with no fuss.

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It’s effortless to achieve a truly professional and stylish finish to your bathroom wall panels. Chrome effect coving trim will add a splash of glamour to any bathroom. We have a comprehensive selection comprising several sizes and colours to choose from in our coving trim line though few speak to your sense of individual style, as much as the chrome effect coving trim.

Our 8mm chrome effect coving trim provides a seamless and elegant transition from the bathroom wall panel to the ceiling. This not only creates a stunning appearance, but it also leaves a perfect seal. There can be no moisture seepage. This makes the chrome effect coving trim both practical and elegant.

The larger 8mm surface creates a noticeable accent to your bathroom trim. More than merely a neat and professional way to join the wall to the ceiling, it makes a statement. It’s a subtle, yet effective way of bringing your bathroom to life. Something that will set your home apart from the mundane bathroom styles of the past.

Compared to bathroom wall tiles, PVC panels are cheaper and much easier to install. In keeping with this, all our bathroom trim accessories are designed to keep the installation quick and easy. Even a novice DIY home renovator will find it a pleasure to install the coving trim strips.

It’s a simple matter of cutting the coving to the desired length, which is quickly done. A regular hacksaw is all you need and, of course, a measuring tape. These chrome effect coving trims slip into position, using some silicon adhesive.

Gone are the days when a quality bathroom renovation has to take days. Nor do you need expensive tradespeople. The growing popularity of bathroom wall panels and trim speaks for itself, and the reasons are understandable to see. The marvels of modern technology afford us creative freedom like never before.

By using simple design and precision moulding techniques, the 8mm chrome effect wall trim defies expectations. While the price is low, the finish is luxurious and opulent. The chrome finish to these coving strips provides a gleaming, modern look. It’s the perfect way to obtain a contemporary style for your bathroom or wet room.

The chrome effect coving trim matches up with so many of our wide range of elegant wall panel designs. With such a vast selection of bathroom wall panels and classic trim designs, you can let your inner artist shine through. Without much effort, you will obtain the ultimate in style with a remarkably professional finish.

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Dimensions 8 × 2600 mm

Chrome 5mm x 2600mm Coving trim, Chrome 8mm x 2600mm Coving trim