8mm White End Cap Trim
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8mm White End Cap Trim



8mm x 2600mm White End Cap Trim, J Trim, Starter Trim.


These end caps offer a clean, easy and professional way to finish any wall panel edging. Our trim is made to not only look stylish but to provide a watertight piece of mind.

  • So easy – If your panels aren’t going to the edge of every wall then this can slot right on.
  • 100% Waterproof – Our uPVC is not only water resistant by design but engineered to provide a sealed surface.
  • Wipe clean – Unlike grout or silicone edges these won’t get mould or turn colour.

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White End Cap Trim 8mm for uPVC bathroom cladding

More homeowners are discovering the importance of having these trims installed in their homes because they are affordable, durable, and have a high quality. Using them will guarantee that your walls will have a great look and be protected against damage caused by water leakage.

Even though the bathroom is the place that needs the most protection, these trims can be used in all rooms of the house.

After you’ve decided on the décor to use on your walls, keep in mind that certain angles can be tricky. When not done appropriately, they can extrude and have a rough look. This is an excellent source of internal decoration for ceilings and walls in the house. It is waterproof, hygienic and reduces condensation.

Key features include:

• Like wall panels, they can be installed on an existing surface
• You’ll end up having a clean, white finish
• You wouldn’t require the services of a professional to fix them, because they are simple to install
• Your panels will end up looking more professional
• They fit panels that are 8mm thick
• They measure 2600mm in length
• They are affordable
• The trims can be easily screwed or glued to a surface

Even though there are no quick solutions when it comes to home improvements, the white end cap trim 8mm offers a wide range of advantages that make them a sound option for room decors.

From impressive durability to ample design options, the white end cap trim provides both functional and aesthetic solutions for your home.
The white end cap trim is an attractive source of internal decoration. Getting a smooth and seamless link for the corners of a room can be complicated, even for professional installers. But this trim fits in perfectly in most edges.

Why install a white end cap trim?


Anytime water finds its way into tight spots in your walls. It can be hard to detect. This, in turn, can result in the growth of moulds and eventual decay of those structures. Water damage can have an enormous effect on your home, from making it have a bad smell of causing rot in the affected areas.

This trim is designed to enhance the looks of your home and serve as protection against water leakage to walls.

Bathroom cladding and panelling is an excellent source of home decoration for both ceilings and walls. It is designed to be installed whenever there is uPVC panel connection at any corner of the house.

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Dimensions 8 × 2600 mm