white internal corner trim
8mm White Internal Corner Trim
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8mm White Internal Corner Trim



8mm x 2600mm White PVC Internal Corner Trim


Our White corner trim is perfectly designed to give you a best-finished look, and its glossy finish is a great addition to any room for a clean and modern decor. Using these corner trims will give your space a perfect symmetrical finish with premium flair.

  • Rounded edges and groove – For a comfortable and easy fit in a commercial or domestic setting.
  • Waterproof and Durable – Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Easy Installation – Use silicone adhesive for the best results.

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8mm White Internal Corner Trim

Our white trim collection is the perfect addition to any bathroom, wet room, shower, kitchen, or commercial space. Its glossy white finish is a premium design that gives your project the ideal finishing touch. They are easy to cut, fit, and install and fit perfectly with our range of external trims, angle covers, and end cap trims.

Features included: 


It’s not always easy to achieve a perfect cut when fitting wall panels, especially if you’re a newbie DIY-er. So, sometimes, the corner might look uneven and rough. And that’s where this trim comes to help. This internal corner trim, you can instantly hide rugged edges and uneven surfaces to achieve a premium, professional finish. 


To install, measure the length of the corner and custom cut it to size. You can use Stanley knife, or a floorboard saw in cutting. But if you don’t have these tools, you might find our Stanley mitre box handy with its free saw and safe storage. It’s worth checking out if you’re inclined to DIY but have no tools at hand yet. After cutting, secure it to the corner using a silicone adhesive. And that’s it! You’re trim is now in place. 


This trim is easy to clean, and it generally looks neat due to its white finish. Just like the wall panels, it only needs a little wiping. By using a white damp cloth with soap, you can remove stains and dirt instantly. This simple cleaning routine can save you time and keeps the original look of the trim. 


This PVC corner trim is also waterproof, which is why it’s suitable for any wet area. It also improves the waterproof feature of the wall panels as it seals the edges and keeps the edges watertight. Therefore, moist and water could not penetrate the surface and weaken it. It doesn’t rot, and it prevents the build-up of moulds, keeping your walls protected.

A minimalist touch, for a great price and an excellent finished product!

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Dimensions 8 × 2600 mm