S3 Bathroom Sealant
S3 White Premium Bathroom Sealant
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S3 White Premium Bathroom Sealant



Premium quick drying, mould resistant and waterproof, white sanitary sealant.

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  • Sealant gun
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  • Trimming knife
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Premium sanitary bathroom / shower sealant


S3 is the best product to use when dealing with wet areas that you need to be watertight. As opposed to other silicones and acrylics used throughout the home these are mould and fungal resistant so are perfect for areas with a lot of condensation and damp.

So not only do they provide a hygienic and waterproof seal they will also help protect against bacteria and mildew thanks to the fungicides.


S3 bathroom sealant drying time


Silicone doesn’t technically dry, it hardens. It takes about 5-10 minutes for this process to start and it becomes hard to work with. Then after about an hour, it should begin to appear dry to the touch. Although be careful! As that’s only the outer layer and it might take as much as 24hrs until the hardening process completes. However, its worth noting that not only is the temperature of the room a factor, but also the thickness of the silicone strip is that more critical. Therefore if you’ve got any thick patches to give them longer to settle.


How come my bathroom sealant turned yellow?


Often this is caused by an overexposure to heat and light but there are several other reasons as well. Including chemicals from cleaning products and other adhesives.

Additional information

Weight 0.41 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 215 mm

CE Approved
Conforms to EN15651-1,3; F INT, S1.
Contains a biocide to retard mould.
When sealing metallised trims, test for discolouration prior to application.