Black End Cap PVC
5mm Black End Cap Trim
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5mm Black End Cap Trim



5mm x 2600mm PVC End Cap Trim, J Trim, Starter Trim.

Give your wall panels an ultimate finish with this end cap trim. It hides rough cuts on the edges and secures the panels, making sure the sides are impermeable to water. This plastic finishing trim in black is also available in 5mm, 8mm and 10mm thickness to fit your wall panels.

  • Professional Black Finish – Gives that edge a nice and tidy finish! 
  • Easy-to-fit – Just measure, cut and fit!! Perfect for any DIY project.
  • Watertight – Protects your walls from moist and water and instantly seals the edges. 

Also available in White and Chrome.

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This external trim is designed to cover untidy cuts and rough edges to create a final finish. Whether you’re only going half the way up a wall or if you’re placing the wall panels on the ceiling, this finishing trim is the ultimate hack to capping a wall panel and creating a smart look.


This UPVC trim is guaranteed waterproof and provides an elegant finish. It is suitable for any wet areas like bathroom and shower. It provides a watertight finish, so, no moisture can sip into the surface and weaken the cladding from within, making your walls protected damage. 


Installing this panel trim is a breeze, and it’s a fun DIY project for DIY enthusiasts. When installing this trim, you have to measure the corner first, then, cut the trim into size using a small saw or a Stanley knife. Apply a silicone adhesive to fix the panels to the walls or add screws into it, and that’s it! Note that when buying a trim, you must make sure that it’s thickness matches with your wall panels. As for this 5mm trim, 5mm wall panels are the perfect fit for it. 


Since this trim is mould-resistant, it only requires minimal upkeep. By wiping it down with a damp cloth and soap, you can easily remove dirt. Its black finish is also advantageous because dirt and grimes are not so visible in it. 


This end cap trim is also available in Black, White and Chrome to match any style of wet room panels. You can also get it in 8mm and 10mm depth to fit your wall panels’ thickness.

The black PVC trims can be used as a discrete finish against our black and dark range of wall & shower panels, or you could create a great contrast with the black end cap installed on our lighter coloured wet room wall panels. Depending on your taste if you wanted the subtle look or the wow factor.



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Dimensions 5 × 2600 mm