10mm Black Internal Corner Trim

10mm x 2400mm Black PVC Internal Corner Trim

Add a simple and clean-cut black trim to give your panels the perfect finish! These trims are designed to fit effortlessly onto wall and shower panels; they are easy to install and clean and save you valuable time and money.

  • Easy to Install With just some adhesive you can quickly apply this trim to your panels using the groove system. 
  • Durable Made from uPVC these trims are resilient and come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Rounded Finish For a seamless finishes product and commercial and domestic spaces.

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Black Internal Corner Trim, 10mm Thickness

If you are looking for the ideal finishing for any internal 90-degree angle corners, then this black interior trim is the perfect solution for you. Our glossy black trim offers a perfect polished finish to any panel effect, for a simple and sophisticated vibe. These trims are known for being easy to cut, install and clean, they are mould-free and a non-porous material making them the ideal addition to any commercial or domestic space. 

  • Waterproof Trim

They are 100% waterproof and completely versatile, ideal for installing as around your kitchen splashback or in a wet room. They can be cut and trimmed to suit the design of your panels and fit together smoothly for a stress-free application and upkeep.

It is especially suited to bathrooms where a watertight seal would be desirable to keep the panels from suffering any water or physical damage.

  • Super Hygienic

Another main benefit of this product is that it does not bring about any hygiene problems. There will be no gaps where water can collect and mould has no chance to build up, and your bathroom would remain fresh and clean. Cleaning it is also pretty easy, as you only need to wipe it down and it will be sparkling clean.

  • Easy Installation

For those who love DIY installations, this corner trim is a perfect solution as well as you will not need any screws to hold it in place. Once you have cut it to an appropriate size, you can use glue to fix it to the wall. You will get spotless, immaculate results as well since you slot the panels into the trim to hide any unsightly edges.

The trim is of UPVC construction, which has many benefits that traditional corner trim materials don’t offer. Its intricate design makes it easy to install onto walls and even tiles. Therefore, you can expect to create perfect internal corners with this trim, and with a lot of ease.

Additionally, installing this trim does not take a lot of time, which is a huge plus. You will not have to spend any money on extra supplies such as screws as well, as the trim will easily and sturdily adhere to the corners without the need for such expert supplies.

  • DIY-er Friendly

    Besides, since you can install the trim on your own, you can save money in the process. The process is also useful as it is not error-prone, which means there are reduced chances of making expensive mistakes or causing any mishaps that might result in the installation work being less than perfect.

 Therefore, the trim can help you create a precise trim finish very quickly and with a minimum amount of risk.

  • 3 Fascinating Colour Options

    Another benefit you can expect off this product is that in addition to the black colour option, you can also order it in white or chrome, depending on your home’s décor style.

All in all, getting that perfect finish in your home should be easy as long as you have this trim with you. Unlike traditional corner trims, this version comes ready for installation, and you can install it yourself.



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Dimensions 10 × 2400 mm


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