8mm Chrome External Corner Trim
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8mm Chrome External Corner Trim



8mm x 2600mm PVC Corner Trim, External Corner Trim.


External corners can be tricky. Not anymore. These chrome effect external corner trims make those 90-degree edges simple to protect and look great.

  • Durable – Due to the exposed nature of outside corners these provide a better degree of protection to traditional methods.
  • Watertight – Splashes and condensation are a problem for wall joins and these add a tight seal to the rest of your wall.
  • Easy application – Get a sharp, reflective corner in minutes. Just cut, slot and stick into place.

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8mm Chrome Effect External Corner Trim

If your going to use our panels in a window sill or maybe your bathroom isn’t square. If yours isn’t then you are going to need one of these external corners trim to add a stylish finishing touch to your bathroom. It is also simple to install and adds an extra layer of protection to your waterproof walls. So keep your walls protected, and prevent mould, damp and rot with these uPVC trims.

Why use a chrome external corner trim?

• Because water and condensation can ruin a bathroom and external corners are often exposed.
• uPVC wall panels are durable and decorative. They are likely to stay that way too as they just wipe clean, unlike silicone or grout.
• They are cost-effective. Not just in the initial saving but they also save you time as well compared to other methods.
• Because of the chrome effect. It really helps to bring quality to any home renovation project.

How to Install External Corner Trim

You don’t need much experience or expensive equipment to install this trim. They come in strips that are easy to use. You only need to measure the required length and use a knife or hacksaw to cut to size, without leaving any mess. The chrome effect outside edge trim has grooves that fit snugly with the uPVC bathroom cladding.

Generally, renovating a bathroom can take several days because you’ll have to give your adhesives and other products used enough time to dry up before cleaning up. But if you use uPVC panels, the whole process can be completed in a few hours.

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Dimensions 8 × 2600 mm