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8mm Chrome Effect H Trim
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8mm Chrome Effect H Trim



8mm x 2600mm H Trim Join

A quality reflective chrome effect to bring a bit of polish to your bathroom wall panels. Perfect for use when installing uPVC cladding.

  • Durable & Versatile – These H Trims can be used in a range of scenarios from design choice, to covering gaps, to hiding broken boards.
  • Professional & Polished – They help add a sharp finish to your renovation projects whether kitchen, bathroom or commercial
  • Easy to Install – Their simple slot design means that any DIYer can use these to get the desired effect.

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8mm Chrome Effect H Trim from Easy Panels


These trims come as 3-D almost H shape uPVC strip with the front width being a lot shorter than the rear. The rear band is broader because it is used to fix the trim to the wall and the front side, which has the chrome effect, faces out into the bathroom. It’s left, and right ends when placed vertically have spaces which can fit the different clad panels. With this product, the chrome H trim has an 8 mm gap to give a tight fit to your 8mm thick bathroom wall panels.

These trims can be used to create various shapes, frames and other artistic designs on wall panels. So if you want to make an upright square shape, two of the H trims will be horizontally fitted while two will be fitted vertically. The shiny chrome coated part of the H trim will, therefore, give an impression that a line of specific thickness was used to draw the square.

Why choose the 8mm Chrome H Trim?

Depending on the type of cladding being installed, H trims come in handy when you want to join two boards together may be due to different styles of wall panels, to close the gap or to hide a broken edge. Or with specific panels, it can add a real polished look (check out our sparkle and chrome panels).

The chrome H trim comes in handy for a bunch of reasons and is very necessary to make a complete finish if you end up making a mistake. If the gap is too large and the H trim cannot cover it, then use an extra piece of board to make up the difference and slot it in. This also applies when fitting the boards aren’t high enough, and these can then come to your rescue again.

How to install the 8mm Chrome H Trim

Like most of our products, we believe fitting these H trims are so simple that anyone can do it. First, you have to cut the chrome H trim according to your measurements. Apply adhesive sealant to the back, and then you have to slot the chrome H trim on the edge of the one panel and then slot the other board into the other side. If you’re not sure how to fit the panels themselves then check out our handy guides.

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Dimensions 8 × 2600 mm