5mm Chrome PVC Coving Trim



5mm x 2600mm Chrome Ceiling Coving


This PVC coving trim with Chrome finish is an elegant addition to your walls as it effectively conceals unsightly gaps between your ceiling and wall panels. This easy-to-fit trim is a sure-fire way to get a premium finish without costing a fortune.

  • Professional finish -Creates a neat and professional finish and adds finishing touches from the wall to ceiling!
  • Simple Installation – No more grouting, no more mess!
  • 100% Waterproof – Keeps your walls protected from moist and water. 

Also available in white finish. It’s worth checking out!

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The PVC coving trim has a concave shape trim which hides untidy edges and gaps between the wall and ceiling and enhances the beauty of sparkling wall panels. The Chrome effect will give any bathroom that wow factor finish and is sure to turn heads with a professional, smart look! 

These are the main features and benefits of using this chrome coving trim: 


Our coving trim is designed to completely seal off the ceiling and wall surface to inhibit water penetration. And this is essential because it prevents nasty bacteria, mould, rot and foul smells from developing. This is made possible by its a PVC construction, which is a type of synthetic material that’s 100% waterproof and durable.


It’s also easy to fit just like wall panels. To install, cut it using a small saw, then, fix it to the wall using a silicone adhesive or batten using screws and begin fixing your wall and ceiling panels. This coving trim is available in a range of sizes (5mm & 8mm). While choosing the right size, make sure that it matches the thickness of your wallboards.


One of the most important benefits of the non-porous property of PVC is that it makes our trim easy to clean. Just like the wall panels, a simple wipe using a damp cloth with soap cloth can get the job done. Furthermore, its chrome finish looks neat and elegant and easily matches our range of sparkling wall panels. 

So if you’re bothered by the unsightly gap between your ceilings and wall panels, don’t forget to add this coving trim to your cart. 

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Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 5 × 2600 mm

Chrome 5mm x 2600mm Coving trim, Chrome 8mm x 2600mm Coving trim