5mm White PVC Coving Trim
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5mm White PVC Coving Trim



5mm x 2600mm White PVC Ceiling Coving


White PVC coving trim in 5mm provides a perfect finish to any corner from the ceiling to wall. The coving is designed to slot in the panels giving that easy and quick installation for anyone.

  • Simple installation – cut to size, screw to wall, begin fitting panels.
  • Virtually free maintenance – just wipe clean when needed
  • Perfect finishing edges every time!

Also available in chrome

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The coving acts as a decorative piece and a great addition to any room throughout your home. Finishing touches are essential for that professional look.

With this easy to fit PVC coving trim, you can cover up any untidy edges and gaps between your wall and ceiling.

The white PVC coving trim 5mm perfects your home’s interior and exterior appearance. These pieces are used in various parts of the house such as bathroom walls and where the wall and the ceiling meet. This gives your home an elegant, flawless look.

The covings are not only a great addition to give your home a perfect finish, but it also decorative and an easy way to add a professional finishing touch.

What Makes White PVC Coving Trim 5mm The Best Choice?

Magnificent interior decoration

A home with white-themed interior decorations is magnificent. Everything feels elegant, and the PVC coving perfects the whole outlook. Unlike wood, PVC will not rot or change colour due to water. You also do not have to worry about water penetration causing decay to the coving used behind gutters, around doors, windows, bathrooms, and chimneys. As long as it is coving trim 5mmm, your home will maintain its beautiful look even after heavy rains.

Simple Installation

Installation of PVC is easy and fast because it comes in a ready to use size. However, you can cut it to fit your specific needs. Compared to ceramic products, PVC coving is simple and risks of breaking up. If you are planning a DIY project, they are the best option that will save you time and money. They give you a flat appearance, but you must select covings designed explicitly for your fittings.

Easy maintenance

PVC covings are easy to maintain. You simply wipe them clean, and you will never have to worry about stains in your bathroom. If your home is old, use them to cover those ugly edges that make your home look ugly. They get rid of gaps between, your ceiling and wall without costing you a fortune.


PVC coving trim with a thickness 5mm fits like a cap. If your house still has those edges and corners that need to be covered, coving trim will do it fast and efficiently. These white finish trims are superior and will effortlessly complement your home. All you need is to install them correctly or hire someone to do it for you.

You can do some research online to see different scenarios of covings in use for bathroom or wall corners. They are used internally and externally for a neat finish. You should not let the parts around the shower tray, or a bath embarrasses you with an unsightly appearance. These are the simple things that maintain your home’s value.


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Dimensions 5 × 2600 mm

White 5mm x 2600mm Coving trim, White 8mm x 2600mm Coving trim