5mm White External Corner Trim
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5mm White External Corner Trim



5mm x 2600mm White Corner Trim, External Corner Trim.


The external corner is used when installing 5mm PVC Bathroom wall & Shower panels. Easy panel’s plastic panel corner trim moulding smartens up any bathroom and gives that finishing touch to angles creating a nice, clean edge. It acts as a covering trim for fixing your bathroom and shower panel makeovers.

  • Professional Edging Finish – Used to smarten up those edges and achieve seamless external angles. 
  • Hygienic – It’s easy to clean just like our PVC panels. 
  • Waterproof – Keeps the edge watertight and resistant to moulds.
  • Easy to Use and Fit – for any wall panel job, giving you the flexibility to use on uneven walls too.

Also available in Chrome and Black to match your style of panels for the ultimate chic environment.

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External corner trims are used for external angles in your bathroom or kitchen. The idea of the uPVC outer corner trim is to cover the unsightly unfinished edges on your wall panels; the outside corner trim angle is excellent for around window reveals. It’s a smart hack to conceal uneven surfaces without costing you a fortune.


This trim is specially designed for wet areas, which is why it is completely waterproof. It keeps moisture and water away from the structural wall elements, thus preventing mould build-up and rotting. This trim can keep your home protected, and condensation and moisture seepage will not bother you anymore.


Just like our wall panels, this trim requires simple maintenance and will generally look clean with just a simple wiping using damp cloth and soap. So, being white is not a problem as it is easy to clean. Having this simple cleaning regimen can already bring back the original look and the glow of this trim. It’s a perfect match for your bathroom and shower panels.


This external corner trim can be cut to size easily using a Stanley knife or small saw. Our mitre box which contains a free saw and safe storage can help you to make sure you cut the angles correctly, so it’s also a must-have if you’re planning to DIY the fitting. As for the trim, you can cut it and secure it into place using a silicone adhesive or screw. Note that you need to slot the wall panels into trim before fitting it. 

So if you’re looking for an external corner trim to complete the look, this is so ideal. But it is also available in Chrome and Black so if you’re not into white or the colour palette of the panel doesn’t seem to complement with white, you’ve got more options. 

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Dimensions 5 × 2600 mm