5mm Grey Sparkle Bathroom Wall Panel
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5mm Grey Sparkle Bathroom Wall Panel



5mm Thick: 250mm x 2600mm

This grey sparkle emanates luxury and style with its glossy soft grey boards, accentuated by dazzling specks of diamonds. Since grey is considered a universal colour, this sparkling panel can blend well with any home or commercial spaces.

  • Guaranteed Premium Finish – It’s a glamorous wall panel that adds flair to any bathroom.
  • Tongue-and-groove System  – Installation is made easy with this unique fitting system.
  • 100% Waterproof – Keeps your walls impermeable to water and moisture and prevent mould and mildew build-up.
  • Heat Insulation – Adds a layer of insulation and soundproofing.
  • Simple Upkeep – Easy to clean and hygienic, a little wiping with wet cloth and soap can save you more time.
  • Cladding adhesive.
  • Xtreme anti-mould bathroom sealant.
  • 5mm trims must be fitted when installing 5mm wall panels.


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Grey Sparkle 5mm Bathroom Wall Panel

Our Grey Sparkle wall panel has remarkable aesthetics and overwhelming charisma, no wonder it’s a best seller. Its glittering effect produced by the iridescent diamond-like pieces is unique in itself, but it is even more stunning when fancy lights are reflected in it. Our bathroom wall panels are ideal for wet rooms, shower enclosures or feature walls, and other parts of your home or commercial property. It is also available in a thicker version and larger sizes that can fit into your shower walls.

Here are the things that you should look forward too in this sparkling panel:


Our Grey Sparkle panel is made from PVC material, making it waterproof and durable. It has non-porous properties, with compatible trims and watertight finish. Without water sipping in, your cladding will last long with little to no maintenance.

All you will need to do to keep your Grey Sparkle 5mm bathroom cladding looking as good as new is give them a quick wipe with a soft cloth and some warm soapy water. 


The tongue-and-groove feature of our bathroom wall panels allows them to slot together seamlessly. Fitting bathroom panels also requires less installation time and materials compared to tiles. Just prepare cutting materials such as floorboard saw or Stanley knife, and an adequate amount of silicone adhesives. Nails and screws can also help to secure the panels but to have a beautiful finish; it would be better to fix it into the tongue and hide it with the groove. With just a little effort, your dream bathroom renovation can be possible.

And even if your bathroom has a tiled surface, it is not necessary to remove the tiles since you can install Grey Sparkle Wall Panel on top of it. Also, the installation does not require professional training; so, you can DIY it. They Grey Sparkle wall panel is the perfect alternative to tiles!


Tile grouts are susceptible to mould growth which is why it can become unhygienic as time goes by. But due to the absence of grout in Grey Sparkle Panels, maintenance is much easier and quicker. By wiping it with a damp cloth and soap, cleaning can be achieved in just a fraction of time.


Although PVC wall panels are ideal for a wet room, it can also be used in different parts of your home, including bedrooms, living room, kitchen or anywhere you see fit. It can blend well with other colours since it’s a universal colour, so feel free to fit it in any space.


Our PVC wall panels are cheaper than tiles as they do not require cement or grout, and installing them is DIY-friendly. So, you can save more with this wall covering option. Not only it is designed with great aesthetics, but it is also built with high quality.

Additional Features:

  • Height: 2600mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Material: PVC
  • Range: Sparkle Effect Wall Panels
  • 100% waterproof
  • Cost-Effective
  • Soundproof
  • Class 1 Fire rating
  • Tongue and Groove Technology
  • Recommended to install with Easy Panels Adhesive

Additional information

Weight 1.495 kg
Dimensions 2600 × 250 × 5 mm