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Easy Panels High Strength Grab Cladding Adhesive -Single
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Easy Panels High Strength Grab Cladding Adhesive -Single



Easy Panels High Strength Solven Free Grab adhesive is a way to install our wall and shower panels, it can also be used as a panel repair kit if any of your panels may have been damaged in any way.

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Easy Panels High Strength Cladding Adhesive, we recommended this is used when install any PVC panels, this product is trusted by trade people to fix any type of pvc wall panels quickly. It takes only 24 hours for the high-strength adhesive to dry, it also offers you a much better adhesion than most glues when installing PVC panels to most walls.

Question: How many tubes of cladding adhesive are needed when installing our panels?

Answer: You will need  2 tubes of our of our High Strength Cladding Adhesive for one 1000mm x 2400mm Shower panel.

For example:

When installing 5mm / 8mm x 250mm x 2600mm in pack of 4 panels you need 2 tubes per pack 4 wall panels.

When installing10mm x 2400mm Shower panels you will need 2 tubes for one panel.

For bigger jobs discounts are available when ordering boxes of 12 tubes here !

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Dimensions 50 × 50 × 215 mm