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Incredibond Solvent Free Cladding Adhesive – Single
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Incredibond Solvent Free Cladding Adhesive – Single



Incredibond is a solvent free cladding adhesive with a high bond strength, perfect for DIY wall panel installation.

  • Fibre reinforced –  The fibre reinforced solution means your product has the ability to resist damage from everyday home movement & vibrations.
  • Low-odour – Forget about strong chemical smells, the Incredibond has a chemical free odour.
  • High wet tack – Incredibond is a reliable product for your home, it can hold significantly more weight compared to other non-solvent adhesives, however it is not compatible with metal or glass surfaces
  • Not a sealent – Use alongside our S3 silicone sealant to seal up your bathroom & wet room projects

Also available in packs of 12.

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310ml Solvent Free Incredibond Cladding Adhesive

The Incredibond adhesive is a high strength, solvent-free, fibre reinforced, instant grab adhesive that can be used as a quick and easy alternative to nails and screws. However

Incredibond adhesive is a great solution for installing wall and shower panels without the hassle of screws and nails. Using a strong adhesive means you don’t have to risk damaging your panels with nails and drills. Compared to silicone based adhesives, Incredibond has a higher wet tack, meaning it can immedietely hold more weight. To put it simply, Incredibond has a higher bond strength so on average you use less Incredibond than other solvent-free adhesives to cover the same area. However, as a solvent free adhesive it is non-sealant so cannot be used to replace silicone sealant in bathrooms. For a durable and easily-applicable bathroom sealant, we recommend using our S3 sealant adhesive.

To get the best results while using Incredibond, at least one surface must be porous. If you have a non-porous surface, drying times will be significantly longer.

The product works especially well when applying wall panel trim as it has significant adhesion to uPVC. The trim and the panel seamlessly joined together using Incredibond, giving you a showroom ready finish every time.

Incredibond is also a great adhesive for ceramics, meaning you can install wall panels over your existing ceramics using this adhesive. If you opt to use the Incredibond adhesive on ceramics, it’s essential that you have allow a 24 hour curing period once you have installed your panels. During this time, there must be no moisture or dampness in the area for the product to adhere efficiently. For example, if you are installing shower panels using Incredibond, you will need to ensure that no taps or showers are used for a 24 hour period while the adhesive sets.

Why we love Incredibond for our wall panels:

While solvent based adhesives are known for being strong and durable, they can cause damage to your panels. For example if any amount of solvent based adhesive gets on the front of your panel it will damage the laminate of your panel, meaning your chosen design will be ruined. This is why we recommend using Incredibond to install your wall panels. This adhesive is solvent free meaning that if you happen to get any on the front of your panels it can simply be wiped clean and your panel will be as good as new.

While Incredibond is compatible with most building materials it is not compatible with following building materials: glass or steel