5mm Black Internal Corner Trim
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5mm Black Internal Corner Trim



5mm x 2600mm Black PVC Internal Corner Trim


Finish that corner joints with style with our sleek black inner trim, perfect for any 90-degree angle internal corners. This timeless panel trim colour is of top quality; guaranteed to provide a watertight seal to your bathroom panels.

  • Hygienic Trim Design – Easy to clean and resistant to moulds and fungi; giving your walls neat finish and timeless look.
  • DIY-friendly – Instantly conceals untidy edges with just a little cutting and silicone adhesive application.
  • 100% Waterproof – Provides watertight seal to the inner corners of your walls.

Also available in White and Chrome finish.

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Our internal corner made from uPVC is moulded to fit any 90-degree inner corner in your home and conceal any uneven and untidy edges when installing your bathroom or shower panels. It doesn’t just save you time but also money in costly mistakes or errors of rough cuts. This easy-fit trim fixes to your wall or existing tiles for you to clad over the top and slot your panels into the trim, creating that perfect internal corner in no time at all! 


This panel trim is impermeable to water and moist, thanks to its uPVC construction. It’s ideal for wet rooms because it doesn’t rot and it prevents the growth of moulds and mildews. Therefore, it can provide a watertight seal to all edges and professional finish.


Our panel trims are easy to clean, just like the boards. Since it has a black finish, dirt is nearly not visible in it. It doesn’t require specific cleaning materials and regimen because it only needs a little wiping with damp cloth and soap. You can redeem its classy look in just a second. 


This internal corner trim is also easy to fit. You need to measure the length of the corner first, then cut the panels into size. You can use a Stanley knife or a small saw in trimming, but if you don’t have any of these tools, you may check out ou mitre box which comes with a free saw and safe storage. After cutting, add a screw or apply a silicone adhesive and fix it into the walls, and that’s it! Watertight wall achieved!


There are three colour options for this panel trim. The first one is white, which also has a timeless effect. It can tone down things and perfectly blends with any shade. The second one is chrome which highlights the beauty of sparkling wall panels. And the other one is this black trim that has a dramatic dark finish. It can go well with the shades of green, blue, lavender and grey. You also have three choices for the size of this panel which is 5mm, 8mm and 10mm. Note that the size of the trim must match the dimension of the wall panel too. 

So whether you go with black, white or chrome, this trim is undoubtedly a must-have for your internal corners.

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Dimensions 5 × 2600 mm