8mm Light Grey Mosaic Bathroom Wall Panel
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8mm Light Grey Mosaic Bathroom Wall Panel



8mm Thick: 250mm x 2600mm

Give your bathroom a fresh treat with the captivating light grey mosaic wall panel, specially designed to spruce up dull-looking wet rooms and shower walls. Its unique pattern exudes a vibrant and refreshing aura that blends perfectly with most bathroom colour schemes. 

  • 100% Waterproof – It protects your walls from moisture and water, thus keeping it free from the build-up of moulds and bacteria.
  • Tongue and Groove Technology – Installation is made easier and faster compared to tiles. You can even DIY it!
  • Heat Insulation – It also adds a layer of insulation to your home, giving you peace of mind and convenience.
  • Easy to Maintain – This grout-free wall covering solution doesn’t require much effort in cleaning; a single wipe of cloth with soap can save you from cleaning nightmares.
  • Cladding adhesive.
  • Xtreme anti-mould bathroom sealant.
  • 8mm trims must be fitted when installing 8mm wall panels.

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This Grey Mosaic wall panel features a variety of tiles in size and colour that bring together a decorative wall panel for your walls. The thin wall panel is designed to sit on top of your current partitions and offer you a fresh and polished feel, making sure you can get the most of each room without putting in too much money or effort in the space. The modern and playful design of this mosaic effect pattern is perfect for any place from your bathroom or shower, to your kitchen. It gives the unique opportunity to play around with your creative imagination and use the panel to its full potential.

Moreover, this tile effect patchwork of a wall panel offers a design that is laced with small and medium-sized tile designs. It helps to provide a well-proportioned design that breaks the space and adds a design element quickly. 


Our mosaic panels come with a specialised tongue-and-groove system, allowing for easy installation that will last for a long time. You can enjoy using these quality tile panels for years to come.

Each panel is the same, which ensures easy installation and fluid design alignment. So you can cut and place them in matching the other pieces. It’s DIY-friendly, and it doesn’t require cement or grout. All you need to have is a floorboard saw, silicone adhesive and some nails or screw to secure it to the walls. We have a thorough DIY installation guide, so try to check that out. 


Our Light Grey mosaic wall panel provides a premium finish similar to ceramic tiles. But it can also be enhanced by adding either a white or chrome panel trim on the edges. So, you can achieve a flawless look for your bathroom walls. 


Our wall panels are waterproof and durable due to the non-porous nature of its material. So water and moist could not penetrate the surface, which means that nothing could enter to damage it from within and no moulds can grow and build-up in the surface. We provide a lifetime guarantee with this wall panel, and we are confident that it has durable quality.


Aside from its waterproof feature, it also adds a layer of insulation and soundproofing to your home. Its hollow shafts (8mm in thickness) slow down the heat conduction process and prevent heat from escaping the area. So you can have peace of mind while enjoying an energy-efficient space.


This wall panel is an incredible wall cladding option at a fraction of cost. You can install it to different parts of your home such as wet room, bedroom and kitchen, or even at a commercial space. It offers limitless possibilities because it can blend well with different colour schemes.  

Additional features: 

  • Height: 2600mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Thickness: 8mm
  • Weight: 1.755 kg
  • Colour: Light Grey
  • Range: Tile Effect Bathroom Wall Panel
  • Material: PVC
  • 100% waterproof
  • Cost-Effective
  • Heat Insulation
  • Class 1 Fire rating
  • Tongue and Groove Technology
  • Recommended to install with Easy Panels Adhesive
So if you’re looking for a mosaic panel with modern and serene design, this is perfect for you!

Additional information

Weight 1.755 kg
Dimensions 2600 × 250 × 8 mm