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White Cladseal Shower Tray Trim also on Top of Bath Trim 1800mm
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White Cladseal Shower Tray Trim also on Top of Bath Trim 1800mm



Universal Trim to fit 5mm, 8mm & 10mm wall and shower panels

Say goodbye to bathroom and shower leaks with the White Cladseal Bath and Shower Trim. It provides a unique waterproofing system, structural stability and professional finish, perfect for creating an elegant and intimate space!

  • Quick and Easy Installation – No Fuss and Mess!
  • 100% Watertight Finish– Guaranteed no leaks!
  • Easy maintenance – No rigorous upkeep required!

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The Sealux manufactured shower sealer trim, Cladseal, is a unique sealing system used for showers and baths and even flooring! The sealing trim fits over the gap between your wall and shower tray or bath. The wall or shower panels sit on top of the trim ledge hiding any fixings. The Cladseal also conceals silicone underneath preventing that unsightly look and potential mould build-up.

The Cladseal bath and shower trim is fitted on top of the bath or shower tray to form a watertight seal before the panels are installed to ensure structural stability. 

This universal Sealux – Cladseal trim is recommended when installing 5mm, 8mm & 10mm panels above a bath and shower tray. The gap between your wall and shower tray may vary depending on wall quality – the shower tray plastic trim simply seals that gap to prevent any water leakages.

Why should you use Cladseal Bath& Shower Trim?

Here are the benefits of using cladseal trim before installing wall panels:

  • No more leaking showers and baths!
  • No perishing silicone!
  • No more pink mould!
  • No scrubbing clean!


Cladseal completely finishes off your bathroom with that smart look. So why delay? Measure up and order today! And don’t forget the end caps here!

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