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White Taurus Skirting Board 95mm

95mm x 2500mm


  • Easy fix, no hassle – no preparation, no painting!
  • Wipe clean UPVC – easy maintenance.
  • Long lasting fresh clean look.



A white plastic skirting board is an easy finishing touch to any panels installed throughout your home. Unlike wooden skirting boards, this PVC skirting-board is much easier to maintain in your bathroom – a simple wipe clean will do the trick! They are simple to fit for any DIY task and a popular choice amongst many.

The UPVC skirting will not react with the moisture in the air and the plastic look in any bathroom will give that modern and fresh view, whilst staying in pristine condition for years to come! Saving you half the time on fitting to completion as you would spend on fitting traditional timber alternative skirting boards.  No need to sand & paint, these og torus UPVC skirting-boards come in a finished, maintenance free condition.

Skirting boards hide any untidy surfaces between the wall panels and the floor whilst protecting the wall from any direct knocks from everyday comings and goings of family life. A Robust and life-long performance from a inexpensive quick fix to finish off that perfect room!




Weight 1.162 kg
Dimensions 2500 × 95 mm


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