95mm x 2500mm White Taurus Skirting Board
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95mm x 2500mm White Taurus Skirting Board



95mm x 2500mm White Taurus Skirting Board

Level up your wall panels with a non-porous White Taurus Skirting Board. This durable PVC board provides a perfect and ravishing finish for your walls.

  • Easy fix, no hassle – no preparation, no painting!
  • Wipe clean UPVC – easy maintenance
  • Long lasting fresh, clean look


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A white uPVC skirting board is a quick finishing touch to any panels installed throughout your home. Skirting boards hide any untidy surfaces between the wall panels and the floor whilst protecting the wall from any direct knocks from everyday comings and goings of family life. They are easy to fit for any DIY task and a popular choice amongst many. Here are some reasons why:

  • Classic White Finish

    This classic White Taurus board can add a touch of class to your walls and give you a refined finish. It can add aesthetics to your installed wall panels, and white can complement with different themes of the room.

  • Durable Quality

    The UPVC skirting will not react with the moisture in the air, and the plastic look in any bathroom will give that modern and fresh view, whilst staying in pristine condition for years to come! It is impermeable because of its uPVC construction. Thus, it is 100% waterproof and can serve you for a long time without having the fear for bacteria and mould-growth.

  • Hassle-free installation

    It is easy to install, saving you half the time on fitting to completion as you would spend on fitting traditional timber alternative skirting boards.  No need to sand & paint, this non-porous UPVC skirting-board come in a finished, maintenance-free condition.

  • Easy to Clean Boards

    Unlike wooden skirting boards, this PVC skirting-board is much easier to maintain in your bathroom – a simple wipe clean will do the trick! It is easy to clean and pretty hygienic.

  • Cost-effective Idea

    This ravishing and robust board comes at a very affordable price so you could achieve your dream bathroom look at a lower cost without compromising the quality. A 95mm by 2500mm White Taurus board costs only £10.75 while wooden skirting boards with designs similar to White Taurus costs £18- £30 pounds depending on the brand and complexity of the design.

This board is definitely a great way to decor your bathroom and improve its aesthetic appeal with ease without forcing you to spend a packet. A robust and life-long performance from an inexpensive, quick fix to achieve that picture-perfect room!

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Weight 1.162 kg
Dimensions 2500 × 95 mm