5mm White End Cap Trim
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5mm White End Cap Trim



5mm x 2600mm White End Cap Trim


Bathroom & Shower panel end cap trims are used when installing bathroom and wall panels. The plastic panel end cap moulding can cover any exposed edges on your panels hiding away those rough cuts and edges creating a clean neat finish.

  • Use this as a starter trim for fitting your bathroom and shower cladding renovations.
  • Gives a nice professional edging finish to complete your DIY project.
  • 100% Waterproof  – Giving you that watertight seal, that’s hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Easy fit for any wall panel undertaking throughout your home.

Suitable for wall cladding bathroom panels 5mm. Also available in chrome and black to contrast and finish your wall or shower panels with the luxury finish desired.

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This is a simple fuss-free product being easy to use and fit on your wall panels in no time at all, there is no need for grout simply glue, silicone or screw your end cap to the exposed edge giving it a nice clean finish. UPVC easy fit trims require a small saw or Stanley knife to cut to size, making the process quick and simple to apply the finishing trim to your panels.

PVC End caps can be useful if you are only going halfway up a wall giving that fabulous finishing edge.

Installation is simple – apply a generous amount of silicone into the end cap and slot it on the end of the exposed edge of the panel after its fitted or screw the end cap as a starter edge trim to the wall and install panels accordingly.

Gives a great finishing touch to any bathroom!

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Dimensions 5 × 2600 mm