10mm White External Corner Trim
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10mm White External Corner Trim



10mm x 2400mm White External Corner Trim.

Take on problem edges the Easy Panels way. These 10mm white external corner trim slot right into your shower wall panels with a watertight finish that looks great.

  • Simple fitting – Just cut, stick and slot. Not much more to it.
  • Tough & durable – These outside edges take some knocks but our uPVC is made to last.
  • Easy to clean – Grout, silicone and metal can be a pain to clean but our smooth trims just wipe clean.

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After all the focus goes on the walls, the edges and joints of your bathroom and shower can be a bit of an afterthought. Well, with our 10mm white external corner trim, this shouldn’t bother you at all. This corner trim has slots on each side that the edge of your 10mm uPVC wall or shower panels can snugly fit in to, leaving you with a clean and straight angled finish that looks very professional. Other than this, our corner trim is also:
Our external corner trim is made using the same material as our wall and shower panels, which is PVC. This material is plastic and makes the pieces very easy to clean and maintain since they do not soak up any water or stains. You have to wipe the outer surface, and that’s it.
Easy to fit
As compared to corner strips for tiles, our white corner trim is much easier to install, specifically because no grouting is required. You only need to measure the trim to the correct length, cut it to size (this can be done using a Stanley knife or small saw), then apply silicone adhesive or screws to attach it to the underlying wall before slotting in your panel edges into the trim. While doing this fitting, the trim can also be used to cover up uneven walls at the corners too.
By having a PVC construction, our outer corner trim is watertight. This contributes to the overall hygiene of your wet room because without water seeping into the underlying wall, there will be no mould growth or foul smell that develops over time.
PVC plastic does not rot, and this makes our white corner trim last as long as the panels themselves. Most probably, you will only require to change it when you redecorate with one of our new ranges of bathroom panels!
Available in multiple colours

Other than the four benefits above, you can also get this corner trim in a variety of colours to match the specific bathroom wall or shower panels that you have installed or merely get the tone that you prefer the most. These options include chrome, black and of course, this white trim.

Features at a glance:

• Size: 10mm × 2600mm
• Material: uPVC
• Finish: White
• 100% waterproof

Well, what are you waiting for? Give your wet room a polished and professional look using our 10mm white outside corner trim today.

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Dimensions 10 × 2400 mm