8mm White External Corner Trim
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8mm White External Corner Trim



8mm x 2600mm White External Corner Trim


Outside edges on a bathroom don’t have to be hard work. These white external corner trims can turn those 90-degree angle frowns upside down.

  • Easily Fixed – Easier to cut than metal and fit than silicon. Just cut, stick and slot.
  • Durable and waterproof – uPVC is used on the inside and outside of homes because it keeps on ticking.
  • Easy to clean – If it does get watermarks or smudged it just wipes right off.

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Most people consider their homes as a very significant investment. When you decide to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, you are enhancing the aesthetics of the rooms and also making the house more valuable. Wet rooms are more complicated than most spaces in your home, and the cost of renovation can be high. It is, therefore, necessary to make use of affordable materials that have high quality.

Outer angles, such as those found on door openings can be tricky. They could extrude, and not have a uniform look. The 8mm white outeside corner trim moulding gives the angles a rounded corner, leaving no room for mistake. The smooth curve this trim provides does away with sharp edges on your bathroom wall panels, making them easier to clean.

This trim is only suitable for uPVC wall panels that measure 8mm in thickness, and are 2600mm in length. It is designed to be used whenever two PVC panels connect at an external corner, at a right angle. They can be used in the bathroom, kitchen and any other room in the house.

Key features:
• They provide the perfect alternative to tiles
• You don’t need a specialist to install them because they have an easy to fit system and can be installed in one day
• They are 2600mm in length and suitable for panels that are 8mm thick
• They can be fixed over the existing surface such as tiles
• They can provide a professional finish to exposed edges
• They are not heavy, making them great to work with.
• They are simple to fit either by using a screw or glue, and they provide
• It is white in colour and is made of plastic material

It can be complicated trying to get a seamless and smooth join for corners in essential rooms of your home, even for professionals. But when you slot this corner trim into the edge of your walls, it will fit perfectly. The fringe of a wall is where two walls join and make a right angle. These include the corners of a room, vanity counters and shower walls.

They can be easily installed on any prepared surface including tiles, by using screws or silicone adhesive. Making use of the proper outer corner trim for those edges gives that room quality and durable finish that will be simpler to clean and maintain. This, in turn, will leave no recesses where water can gather, and permit the growth of mould – and that room will remain fresh and clean for a long time.

Bathroom panelling and bathroom cladding is a good source of internal decoration for both walls and ceilings. The 8mm white plastic external corner trim is hygienic, waterproof, easy to install, cost-effective, and class 1 fire certified.

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Dimensions 8 × 2600 mm