White Gemstone Shower/Bathroom Panel

10mm Thick: 1000mm x 2400mm

White gemstone Shower Panel will brighten up any shower or bathroom.

  • Durable Product- It is a high-quality product that twinkles with the light.
  • Quick Installation Process – It’s easy to fit into your walls and even above the existing tiles.
  • Hygienic – No cleaning regime required. Simple upkeep with towel and soap can make it set.
  • 100% Waterproof – No more worries for moulds and mildew.
  • Versatile -Works well for Shower, Bathroom, Kitchen and other wet rooms in residential or commercial buildings.

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These white gemstone shower panels give a luxurious look and feel in your bathroom while maintaining that subtle but stunning look.
Our white gemstone shower panel produces a shimmering effect that gives that wow factor to any bathroom.

Our shower panels are made using PVC plastic, which makes them lightweight and easy to handle when transporting them and doing their installation.
Each plastic piece measures 2400mm in length, 1000mm in width and 10mm in thickness. This large size helps to create a seamless wall with few or no joints to create a high-end finish.

To make them easier to install, our panels feature a tongue and groove system, which makes the pieces fit comfortably and perfectly onto each other to create seamless joints. It means that you get a continuous shimmering wall, whatever the number that you use to cover your entire bathroom.

For the actual fitting, these plastic boards can be fixed to the wall using screws and panel pins, but a strong adhesive is recommended because it makes the process much easier, and can be easily applied over smooth plastered walls or tiled surfaces.
Furthermore, for a DIY, hands-on person, using adhesive is a safer and faster method of installation.

Having a PVC plastic construction, all our panels are effortless to clean. They have 100% waterproof surfaces, which are also mould-resistant and non-porous. With these properties, you only need to wipe the wall using a wet cloth, and that’s it.

Plastic does not rot or disintegrate quickly, and this means that our white gemstone panels will last on your walls for a very long time.
Additionally, by being non-porous, no water can sip inside and weaken the PVC structure from within. Therefore, with very little maintenance, you will have a stunning, shimmering white shower wall for a very long time.

Apart from bathroom and shower wall cladding, our plastic boards can also be installed on kitchen walls and generally any other wet room in residential or commercial buildings.

Other Features:

• Versatile
• Durable
• 100% waterproof
• Mould-resistant

Get renovating today using our affordable white gemstone shower panel.

Features at a Glance

• Height: 2400mm
• Width: 1000mm
• Thickness: 10mm
• Material: PVC
• Finish: White gemstone
• 100% waterproof.

• Mould resistant and non-porous.

What are you waiting for? Get renovating today using our affordable white gemstone shower panel.

Weight 10.8 kg
Dimensions 2400 × 1000 × 10 mm


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