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8mm White H Trim
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8mm White H Trim



8mm x 2600mm White H Trim Joiner


Simple, clean and effective join fitting, perfect for bringing together a masterpiece bathroom. These trims will emphasise the effect of your panels for a premium finished product when installing wall and shower panels.

  • Quick and Easy – Helps 8mm wall panels to slot together and all you’ll need is a bit of silicone adhesive.
  • Waterproof Seal – These give a snug fit to your cladding to make sure they are non-porous.
  • Wipe clean – Not only will they frame your walls well and hide any rough edges, but they also don’t stain.

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Bathroom wall panels have become popular with a lot of homeowners, and those in the trade and our trims help add an extra dynamic. They are very affordable, without compromising on quality or style. Their simple, modular design makes them simple to install – this can help you save money because you wouldn’t need the service of an expensive professional to fit them. Even if you have no prior skills, you’ll still be able to install them.

Why get 8mm White H Trim?

When water enters the nooks and crannies between uPVC walls, it can remain there undetected. This can cause the walls and floors of your bathroom or shower to decay as a result of mould and damp. The effect of water damage can be compounding, leaving you with an unpleasant smell you can’t control. Bathroom trims are created to both enhance the appearance of your home and at the same time serve as waterproof joins.
By using our bathroom trims, you’re ensuring that your bathroom will keep a polished look for a long time. More importantly, you’re ensuring that your home will be protected from any damage as a result of water leakage. Although your bathroom will be the one that most requires water protection, the white H trim can be used anywhere in the house. They are also used in commercial buildings with high traffic due to their hard-wearing durability.

8mm white H trim product description

These white H shaped trims can quickly transform your cladding to give you an elegant, clean and stylish finish. The white H trim is made to join wall panels and flat soffit boards. It measures 40mm on the shortest edge and 60mm on the longest. The trim hides wall panel edges that are not straight and creates a smooth finish. Additionally:
• They have a high-quality finish
• The white H trim is 2600mm in length
• They are made to join boards that are 8mm thick

How to fit 8mm white H trim

The genius of the white H trim lies in its simplicity. They are made for easy installation so that you’ll not require any construction experience or professional tools to install them.
It can be challenging to have smooth and seamless joins on every ceiling and wall, even for professionals. But by using the white H trim, everything can fit perfectly into place even if you make a mistake these can come to the rescue. They can also act as a border or frame if you’re joining two types of panels together.

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Dimensions 8 × 2600 mm