white internal corner trim
10mm White Internal Corner Trim
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10mm White Internal Corner Trim



10mm x 2400mm White PVC Internal Corner Trim


Do it right and save some time. These 10mm white internal corner trims finish off shower walls much better than silicone ever would.

  • Straightforward fitting – We advise you to cut, stick and slot. It really is that simple.
  • 100% Waterproof – Not only is it less messy than silicone it will give a better seal for longer.
  • Just wipe clean – Just like the wet wall panels themselves, the PVC is so smooth no dirt or mould can stick to it.

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One of the accessories that you should not forget about when purchasing or even planning for the purchase of wall panels is the white internal corner trim used with our 10 mm shower wall panels. The white interior corner trim is made of uPVC material and is fitted on the inside corners of the bathroom and shower when fitting these 1-meter boards. The white inner corner trim because of its colour, can be used with a diverse number of colours and themes and gives you a much desired clean look.

What should prompt you to use this white inside corner Trim 8mm is the fact that it facilitates the smooth transition from one wall panel to another at an edge so that it doesn’t catch the eye but just enhances your overall decor.

How is it used?

You may be wondering how this trim is used? Being an internal corner it is fitted vertically where the wall panels are slotted vertically where your two walls meet in the corner of your bathroom. You can get away with a perfect cut or some silicone running down the edge but these not only look nicer but are much easier to pull off well.

Why is 90-degree PVC trim used?

It is used mostly by those in the trade to give a professional overall appearance, but not because it’s hard but because they know its worth that little extra. It’s not just looks or simplicity though, particularly when used in a shower as it’s best feature is that it’s waterproof and unlike silicone won’t deteriorate or go black over time.

It is also important when installing ceiling panels to your shower boards. The ceilings panels are rarely 10mm thick but these or the coving are pretty important to get the curved edge just right.

How to fit corner trim

The 10 mm specs white internal trim can be fixed through the use of adhesive or screws. Staples and nails can also be used but are not advised. During the fitting, you should first take the measurements and carefully cut the trim strips according to your dimensions. You should then follow by fixing it to the coving at the ceiling followed by setting it before firmly attaching it to the corner. You then put the panels to the left and right sides of the internal corner trim in an upward direction while pushing it towards the trim. If using an adhesive, you should have applied it before setting the trim to the wall.


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