18mm White Quadrant Trim 2.6M
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18mm White Quadrant Trim 2.6M



18mm x 2500mm White Quadrant Trim

Get a professional look around baths and windows with our Brilliant White Quadrant Trim. It hides uneven wall surface to give you a straight line when finishing off the corners in a bathroom or wet room for a fine and neat finish!

  • Low maintenance – a simple wipe down is sufficient!
  • Waterproof – keeping that moisture out.
  • DIY friendly – simple to fit – measure, cut, stick!

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Bathrooms are the second most sensitive areas in a home, due to the water and the varying functionality expected from this space. When designing or renovating your bathroom, extreme care should, therefore, be exercised. This is in terms of the material selected, current bathroom trends and bathroom accessories adopted. All the above should ensure that your bathroom is homey, comfy and as attractive as you’d hope it to be.

One of the most vital attributes of a bathroom is that it should be waterproof. This can only be achieved by selecting waterproof wall trim and finishing the corners with waterproof quadrant trim. White quadrant trim is especially compatible with many bathroom materials and styles alike. This article will highlight reasons as to why you should adopt white quadrant trim for your bathrooms.

  • It conceals uneven surfaces

If your relatively new to DIY, the corners may end up a little crooked and uneven. This may give your space a rough feel, but by installing these trim, you have straight edges and don’t need a perfect cut. The quadrant trim, therefore, conceals the rugged corners giving your bathroom a professional look. The trim is also decorative thus improving the aesthetics of this vital space.

  • They are easy to install

Installing quadrant trim is an easy task. This is especially fun for DIY enthusiasts to renovating their wet areas. After installing the bathroom wall trim, the quadrant will fit comfortably. All you need to do is measure the length of the corner, cut the exact distance to fit the edge and stick the quadrant trim to the corner. Simple DIY supplies will have you complete this task in no time. When finished, you will appreciate the results of your work.

  • PVC requires minimum maintenance

White surfaces require minimum maintenance and always generally look clean, and this is a big reason behind selecting white quadrant trim over other colours. PVC surfaces are also easy to clean. All they need is a little wipe down using a damp cloth. This simple maintenance practice will always leave your bathroom in pristine conditions every time you use it. This is all courtesy to white quadrant trim fitted in your bathroom.

  • Keeps moisture away from the structural walls

PVC surfaces are water resistant thus waterproof. As this trim is specific to wet areas, waterproof capabilities are not optional. The quadrant trim will keep moisture away from structural wall elements. As condensation leads to mould development, rotting and weakening of structural elements, this trim will keep your home protected. Once the quadrant is installed, mould and rot as a result of moisture seepage will be a thing of the past.

When selecting a quadrant trim for your bathroom, the white trim will be the most appropriate. This will quickly transform your bathroom and improve the value of your home. Using white quadrant trim in your project will not disappoint.

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Dimensions 2500 × 18 mm