York Stone Panel 832
York Stone Shower Panel 1M x 2.4M
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York Stone Shower Panel 1M x 2.4M



10mm Thick: 1000mm x 2400mm

Thickness 10mm, Width 1000mm, Sold in packs of 1. Total coverage = 1000mm wide x 2400mm length

The legendary sandstone of Yorkshire is now available as an Easy Panel! York Stone Shower Panel is a waterproof and durable cladding that exudes an elegant finish with its rich texture and shimmering effect, specially designed to transform your shower walls. 

  • 100% Waterproof and Durable– Keeps your walls impermeable to water, and can withstand the test of time.
  • Professional Finish – It provides a sophisticated and refined finish, especially if fitted with a 10mm shower trim
  • Easy Installation – With the tongue and groove system, you can get the installation done in just a fraction of time.
  • Heat Insulation – It adds a layer of insulation to your room, keeping your space energy efficient.
  • Cladding adhesive.
  • Xtreme anti-mould bathroom sealant.
  • 10mm trims must be fitted when installing 10mm shower panels.

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York Stone is well-known since medieval times for its high quality, durability and strength. It is commonly used in patios and gardens, but you can now incorporate it into your shower walls. Our York Stone shower panel emanates a sophisticated finish and boasts the medieval reclaimed stone design. It’s an inexpensive wall covering with an authentic touch that can level up your shower wall’s aesthetics. 

Why Choose York Stone Shower Panels?

Here are the benefits of using the York Stone Shower Panels: 


York Stone Shower Panels is 100% waterproof, due to its PVC construction! It also lasts a long time since moisture could not penetrate these boards. It also gives a neat finish since it does not require a grout which is a host for moulds and bacteria. 


On top of all the benefits of this wall covering, it also provides a professional finish. But you can take its aesthetics to the next level by adding a panel trim on the edges. It doesn’t just help to enhance its beauty; it also adds a waterproof factor to the panel, giving your board a completely new look.


Installing shower panels is easy and doable, which explains why it is ideal for DIY-ers. It also features a tongue-and-groove system which enables the board to slot together easily. To this shower panel, you need to cut it using a floorboard saw or any other saw and secure it into the walls using nails, screws or adhesive and seal it with a silicone sealant. 

But, if you’re planning to recycle your panel in the future, we recommend using less adhesive, and instead, opt for more screws because it would enable you to remove the panels without breaking it. So you can fit it into other parts of your home or resell it. Unlike the traditional tiles, this cladding doesn’t need cement or grout; therefore, you can save time and a considerable amount of money while enjoying a hassle-free fitting. 


It doesn’t require rigorous upkeep too! A simple cleaning with a damp cloth and soap can get the cleaning done in just a matter of seconds. Since it doesn’t pave the way for the growth of moulds and mildews, you’d be in total relief and ease.


Removing tiles and retiling takes a lot of time, effort and money and can be very annoying and stressful. But you can evade such problem with this cladding. You don’t need to remove the existing tiles in your shower to install this wall covering. You can fit it on of tiles; giving you more savings, especially if you would DIY it.


York stone shower panel has a dimension of 1000mm by 2400mm; this shower panel provides pretty broad coverage. With just a few wallboards, you can already cover your shower walls and hide its imperfection.


This shower panel is less expensive than tiles and requires less maintenance, installation time and materials. You can also use it in other parts of your home such as bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or anywhere you see fit. It’s an affordable wall covering option, but it has much more to offer.

Here are some additional features of York Stone Shower Panel: 

Get this elegant and sought-after sandstone design for your shower room, at a cheaper cost today!

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Weight 10.8 kg
Dimensions 2400 × 1000 × 10 mm