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Different types of Wall Panel Trim

Trim Types

Choosing White trim for your wall panels

Wall panels have a very functional purpose in a house. Depending on their trim, they can be used to hide untidy edges, cover unappealing wall joints or create harmony between flooring/ceiling and walls. Despite their practical uses, it’s undeniable that wall panels have the ability to define and add character to the architectural aspects of a home. Different panel colours have different effects in a room. While some spaces demand black trims, others could use the brightness that comes with white trims. Below are five simple reasons why you should go for white PVC wall panel trim;

Why choose white panel trims


Interior design and decor are continually changing, and if we’re to be honest, at one point you’ll get bored of the same old look in your room. Fortunately, using white trim leaves room for remodelling and repainting. Due to its impeccable ability to blend in with anything, you can change your wall colour from neutral to flashy without changing your panel trims,

White blends in perfectly with any tone. Whether your walls are green, black, grey or red, white will either provide a beautiful contrast or complement the dominant colour without causing a colour clash. Besides, white trims do not compete for attention, when installed in a room. White is a neutral colour that will add charm to space quietly without calling for much attention. Therefore, if you’re the conservative or introverted type, white panel trims will work correctly for you.

White trims are perfect for small rooms. It goes without saying; any white accessory in a room makes it feel bigger and spacious. It’s an illusion that you want to maximise if your living room, bathroom or bedroom feels tiny and cramped. This, however, does not mean white trims are not perfect for larger rooms. The more spacious it feels, the better.

Do you have clashing wall colours, extremely dramatic wallpaper, or a door that doesn’t blend in with the walls? White panel trims can help you tone things down if used to frame and isolate dramatic walls and doors. The neutrality in white trims can help zen excessively busy spaces and bring a little calm.

Lastly, white trims are ageless. If you take a trip down the memory lane, you’ll notice that they have been used in houses throughout history. Different colour trends have passed, but white retains its place as a timeless beauty. This means you will not be dealing with the pressure to change your wall trims every time decor trends change.

In summary, white trims are perfect for any room or house, regardless of its shape or size. They add pop and charm with the right pinch of extra. Their ability to adapt to decor changes and fit into any room silently or boldly makes them the number one choice for many homeowners.

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