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Chrome & Grey Trim

Different types of Wall Panel Trim

Trim Types

Choosing Chrome trim for your wall panels

While there many types of trim for parts of a building like coving, H-joints, internal corners, external corners and end caps, the issue of what makes for an appropriate colour of trim is also a topic of discussion, indeed, there are also options to choose from like black trim, white trim and chrome trim. There is also the choice of 5 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm dimensions of trim for use in bathrooms, kitchens and other places in the house.

H-Trim provides the piece to connect long runs of panels in bathrooms. A colour like white is a popular panel trim, but black can also be an option depending on the intensity of tiling in your bathtub and shower rooms. The good news is that white, black and chrome trim can be cut to match the length of the run of a wall panel, bath, door or window panel. And 5 mm trim can be replaced by unsealing these pieces if the specific colour that is chosen needs a bit of a refresher with a new design change.

The choice of colour depends on the general aesthetics of the room in the house that will be getting this trim. For bathrooms that need interior corner trim, the use of a black colour may stand out with white fascia in this place in the house. A standard white colour trim is popular to use in bathrooms and in situations that require external exterior trim. Chrome trim in 5 mm may be useful for areas that need interior trim, extending the trim or using this trim in areas with skirting boards.

Regarding adhesives, this trim can be attached with some strong adhesive like silicone or glue. It is best to make sure that the adhesive is appropriate for the material of the trim. And colours like white and chrome are quite standard for shower rooms and also to make window trim look spectacular.

Chrome trim brings out the more aesthetically appealing side of interior design. Chrome trim in window frames, door frames and makes many areas of the home look much better with these additions.

White and black trim may add a nice addition to parts of the house that require an addition of a finish that melds quite well with a similar colour scheme. And the chrome effect wall panel trim is a stylish choice due to looking polished and shiny in the home.

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