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Bathroom Wall Panels

Save now with our quality bathroom wall panels. We have an extensive range available with low prices and fast delivery.

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We have several ranges that will match any style and are so much cheaper than tiles not to mention the amount of time and mess they will save you from compared with tiling, grouting and the expense of fitters.

Our Bathroom cladding and Wet Wall solution
Not only gives you peace of mind but a stunning finish  to any room as well. They come in a range of colours, patterns, effects and stylings.

They can be used domestically, and more and more people are turning to them in commercial premises as well. Though mostly seen as bathroom panels they are often preferred in modern kitchens especially as splashbacks. Also, new luxury designs of boards like wood, brick and stone effects mean that our wall panels are finding their way into living room feature walls, loft conversions and office renovations.

We won’t be beaten on price either thanks to our price match guarantee. Which means you get high-quality products, with super fast delivery at an unbeatable price. We also offer everything you need including matching trims, adhesives and the tools you need to complete the job. So order today and transform your room into something fabulous!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are bathroom wall panels better than tiles?

Bathroom wall panels have many advantages over tiles. For example, tiles are more expensive per square meter and require a lengthy installation process. Whereas Bathroom Wall panels are fitted floor to ceiling, giving you a quicker installation process and saving you money per square meter. There are advantages to tiles, they give a glamorous feel to any space and there is array of designs and textures to choose from but they also require consistent upkeep and cleaning and a prone to mould. Bathroom wall panels on the other hand require no grouting and only a need a quick wipe with warm soapy water to keep them clean.

Are bathroom wall panels any good?

Bathroom wall panels are a great way to upscale any bathroom. They are made from uPVC making them completely waterproof and durable. Not only are they a cost effective way to renovate your home, but their unique design also provides some heat insulation for your home. Cheaper doesn’t always equal better, but that’s not the case for bathroom wall panels. There is minimal cleaning and upkeep required plus you can custom cut panels to fit the shape and design of your home.

What’s the best bathroom wall panels?

Bathroom wall panels come in 2 sizes: 3mm and 5mm thickness. If you’re looking for a good protective layer for your shower or wet room enclosure the 5mm panels are your best option. They are slightly more durable and are secure insulated panels that keep damp and mould forming on your walls. If you are looking to custom cut you panels to suit your design needs, we recommend the 5mm panels as they are hard-wearing and won’t snap. However, if you simply want to modernise or upscale your bathroom walls, the 3mm panels are your best bet. They are lightweight, easy to install and require little maintenance.

Are bathroom wall panels cheaper than tiles? 

Yes, bathroom panels are significantly cheaper than tiles. A 1 x 2.4 meter shower panel has a price range of £47.80- £59.90 depending on the design. For a shower cubicle with a dimension of 1m by 2.4 m, two shower panels two bathroom wall panels are enough to get the job done with a total cost of around £119.8. To use tiles in a bathroom of the same size you can expect to roughly pay between £97.20 to £165 plus purchasing tiles, adhesive, grouting and the skilled labour that you will need to get the job done correctly.

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