3 Cheap and Easy Ideas to Update Your Bathroom

3 Cheap and Easy Ideas to Update Your Bathroom

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Cheap and Easy Ideas have three common types:

  • A Helpful In-depth Guide
  • Does your bathroom ever look tired? Or Like it needs a little facelift?
  • Mirrors
  • Accessories - Your Best Assets
  • Houseplants - The Unsung Heroes


Completely remodelling your bathroom can be a pricey project. Your bathroom may be looking a little tired but if you take a closer look, your bathroom may not even need a complete revamp just a little flair to make it look polished and new again. Here are some easy and inexpensive ideas to update your bathroom.

What you need are quick and effective fixes that last to give your home a hint of glamour and sparkle. This isn’t the band-aid effect to cover up a problem with a short-term fix. You can also use these effective solutions in any space, big or small, new or old. Spruce up your home for an affordable price.

Settle in, but don’t get too comfy, these won’t take long.


An underrated element of bathroom decor are mirrors, they are a great way to add light and character to your space. Whether its a small ensuite or a master bathroom the use of mirrors can completely transform the aesthetic of your room.


For a glamorous look why not try adding a frame to your mirror? No need to buy a new mirror, frames can be purchased separately and glued onto your existing mirror for a modern look. For a different aesthetic keep an eye out for vintage frames at charity shops and sales for some timeless pieces. If you’re the creative type, why not try making your own mirror frame? This is the perfect project for DIYers, you can experiment and put together the ideal design to suit your home. What’s great about these solutions is that you can channel your creative side and make your home your own with a simple trick.


The size and shape of your perfect mirror all depends on the size and use of your bathroom. You need something that compliments the space, and it’s usage:


A small and intimate bathroom is the perfect space for quirky or dainty mirrors. Wall hanging mirrors shaped like a diamond, oval, or triangle add character and style to any area. These mirrors can be purchased for as little as £10-20, a perfect and affordable little addition to any space. Try adding a small shelf underneath to store products or jewellery. It’s the perfect way to show off the accented mirror and utilise space!

If statement pieces aren’t your style, don’t worry we’ve still got you covered:

To make the most of your space try adding a mirror to the front of your cabinets, this not only maximises your space but gives your cabinets an urban new feature. This method is simple and effective and gives your bathroom a brand new look.


If you have space, a floor to ceiling mirror is the perfect centrepiece to accent your bathroom. Whether you want a simple and elegant floor to ceiling mirror or one that’s framed and a bit more glamorous it’s a one-step trick to a fresh looking bathroom. Plus with a mirror of this size, you will need little accessories.

Or why not try a mirror mural instead? Although it can be a little more expensive, a patterned mirror display can be a great addition to a master bathroom; adding a bit of sophistication and style. A mirror mural can be quick and easy to purchase, but for the DIYer in you why not try designing your own pattern. Perfect for a quirky and bespoke feature, your next project could be the best yet!


Getting your hands sticky and channelling your creative side isn’t for everyone; but you can still revamp your bathroom with minimal creativity. Accessorising is tool for you. From minimal chrome or a flashy gold, choose the right colour and design for you and give your space a facelift.

If your bathroom is full of colour, we recommend simple and minimal accessories. For example, a classic chrome set of a soap dispenser, towel rail, toothbrush holder, and shelves can bring your whole room together for a perfect finished and polished look.

Whereas, if you’ve gone for a more modern and minimalist look with your bathroom you may want to add a bit more colour and charisma. Gold is the perfect tone to bring a bit of sophistication to a busy bathroom, from taps, soap dispensers, towel and shower rails to toilet brush holders. These accessories can make or break your bathroom decor.

The key to accessories is to have matching sets. This will set your decor away from others, the perfect decoration.

On the subject of accessories, an underrated essential is candles. A simple game changer to give your bathroom a relaxing spa vibe. Admittedly this may not be the best accessory if you have young children running around (there’s always faux candles to consider). They bring a certain ambience and feeling of relaxation and elegance.

If there’s one accessory you need, its candles


When it comes to bathrooms and decor houseplants are often a neglected feature, not only do they have many health benefits, but they look great too. The majority of houseplants also do not require much maintenance, perfect for busy family homes and long work days.

Some of our favourites are Aloe Vera, Sansevieria, and the Peace Lily. The greenery gives your space a peaceful aesthetic and adds a dash of vibrant colour.

Aloe Vera
Belonging to the succulent family, the Aloe Vera requires little upkeep it just likes to be kept in the sunlight, a window sill is its ideal home. It also purifies the air of chemicals such as Benzene and Formaldehyde which is often found in household cleaning products, a bathroom is a great place to keep this plant.

The Sansevieria
This green plant has delicate yellow tips, that will look great against a white or neutral backdrop. It’s also one of the best plants for air purifying., it improves air quality by removing toxins that naturally build up in the home. But it doesn’t end there, it is also known to release oxygen during the night, so you’ll get a greats nights sleep as well as a fab looking bathroom.

A tip for the Sansevieria is not to overwater, or its roots will begin to rot. It’s a low maintenance plant so you can mind your own business and let your plant look pretty and thrive with minimum maintenance.

The Peace Lily
One of our all-time favourites, the Peace Lily has a delicate white petalled flower that blooms out glossy green leaves. However, the Peace Lily is not for houseplant novices; it is the queen of houseplants and requires a little more care.

It combats chemicals such as Benzene which is found in daily cleaning products and is a known carcinogenic. It also purifies the air by removing mould spores from the air, making it the ideal addition to complete your bathroom.

To keep your Lily happy and healthy, place it in a shady spot and make sure to over water it to keep the soil moist. This is how it will thrive.

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