The Cost of a New Bathroom: How Much Should You Expect To Spend?

The Cost of a New Bathroom: How Much Should You Expect To Spend?

The Cost of a New Bathroom: How Much Should You Expect To Spend?

2020 – 2021 has been a hard year! and there’s no reason why we can’t try and find the best deals when considering remodelling our home, including our bathrooms! This article will use the most recent bathroom installation prices to understanding the true bathroom renovation cost, including prices for products and services and help you understand just how much your new suite might set you back by, we’ll also talk you through the best places to find deals and how and where to find cheaper alternatives to high price-tag items.

What Is Included In a New Bathroom Cost?

A bathroom remodel or new bathroom can typically range from £2000- £12,000 depending on the size, the design changes, the materials used and the amenities you desire, that’s right, the cost of a bathroom is largely determined by what and how much is in it and also how much square foot you may be considering to remodel.

However, there are a few things with a bathroom renovation that can either drastically change between each bathroom fitter or bathroom product provider, depending by which brand or which style product, for example more expensive options might have a lot of detailing, for instance, you can expect to pay £250 for a single-persons marble sink and these can range upwards to £1800.

There’s also the decisions between baths or showers, larger vanity dressers or small cabinets, but ultimately the cost of a new bathroom is entirely based on what you want to include in your brand new room, often certain retailers may sell bathroom suites as a set which can be purchased including the essentials of a new bathroom, these can range from £500 upwards to around £8000, although its important to note that typically bathroom sets do not include flooring or lighting and these are often also expensive and can increase depending n your bathroom installer, and whether or not you’re interested in underfloor heating, and the type of flooring you’d like from bathroom tile, to linoleum tile.

Typical Prices on Bathroom Items

Comparing bathroom prices across different items is a challenge as these vary from item to item but there are a few general rules that work for most of the items available. Lets take a look at some of the average prices on bathroom utilities in the UK.

Item Average Cost Installation Cost Cheapest Available Cost Online Average Installation Time
Toilet £50 – £100 £100 – £200 £39.00 1 – 4 hours
Sink £100 – £300 £30 – £100 £29.97 2 – 5 hours
Bath £200 – £700 £100 – £200 £59.60 3 – 6 hours
Standard Shower £50 – £200 £100 – £150 £25.00 3 – 8 hours
Walk-in Shower £1,000 – £3,000 £150 – £300 £79.00 2 -4 days
Vanity Station £350 – £1,000 £200 – £300 £92.99 2 – 6 hours


How to save money when remodelling your home

Design your bathroom according to your budget and style. This makes it easy to work out where to save money without compromising on your design choices. It’s important that you spend money wisely and investigate in depth to make sure you get the best fitting products to suit your needs, we also advise to always investigate the installation cost for your bathroom fitting, chances are you can find some competitive prices to turn your old bathroom to a brand new bathroom. Good bathroom fitters can also help recommend some up-and coming brands or companies that offer really competitive prices that offer a completely unique bathroom design for your new bathroom suite,

Another top tip for saving money when remodelling your bathroom is adapting for your smaller bathroom, if your existing bathroom is a small bathroom you will not need as much bathroom furniture, this way you can splash the cash on certain elements of your room whilst still keeping costs low, this way you’ll be able to afford your ideal luxury bathroom without the added fees.

It’s also a good idea to stay away from ‘bathroom suites’ these typically group all the items together and become quite expensive, if you shop around you’re sure to find better deals on the individual items you love than buy them all as a bundle, for example typically toilets can be overpriced within bundles, whereas you will more than likely find the perfect useful toilet for less than £100 on its own. Also when purchasing the bathroom set, some traders may try and try to charge for a full bathroom installation cost, which may not represent what you actually received, in some cases traders will install a toilet, shower, shower enclosure or bath and claim a full installation was conducted,however if you had bought these items seperately you may have paid much less for separate installations rather than a complete bathroom remodeling.

Walls, Floors & Lights – Cost & Installation Information

We know that not only do you want your bathroom to have the right aesthetic, you also want it to be affordable and easy to install, when considering a whole new bathroom design, we often forget about flooring, walls and lighting, so we’ve rounded up some of the most popular, aesthetically pleasing and affordable options for your bathrooms walls, flooring and lighting and here’s what we found…

Bathroom Wall Options

As you can see, we chose the top 3 most popular bathroom wall options, both paint and Wall panels are considered to be an easy option for those seeking DIY bathroom installations, however, paint can after time develop areas of fading, streaking or damp, whereas shower panels & wall panels are designed to be completely waterproof and thus will provide a better quality in the long run.


Option Cost Difficulty of Installation
Tiles £480 – £550 Intermediate ( Some may require a professional)
Wall Panels £150- £200 Easy
Paint £250 – £300 Easy


Bathroom Floor Options

There are many alternatives to bathroom floor ideas and what materials can be used in them, these are some of our favourite as they offer something for everyone, from style, affordability, durability and much more.

Option Cost Difficulty of Installation
Tile £250 – £300 Intermediate ( Some may require a professional)
Wood £500 – £2,500 Intermediate ( Some may require a professional)
Stone £900 – £3,000 Difficult
Vinyl £200- £300 Easy
Glass £1,000 – £3,000 Difficult


Bathroom Light Options

Lighting can completely transform the look of your bathroom, whether you choose to use subtle pendant hanging lights or a brighter vanity light to create the ‘movie star’ aesthetic, including light to your bathrooms will add a touch of luxury, and not always at an affordable price, here are our favourite affordable lights that add a touch of WOW to your bathroom. 

Option Cost Difficulty of Installation
Pendant Light £90 – £ 120 Intermediate ( Some may require a professional)
Ceiling Light £75 – £200 Intermediate ( Some may require a professional)
Vanity Light £60 – £180 Easy
Chandelier £50 – £400 Difficult


How to find better deals online

Finding deals online is tricky, it’s often when you’re not looking for a good deal do you stumble upon one, and then when you are, it seems everything is 10X more expensive. Knowing where to look for your products is a good start, start buy looking online for ‘bathroom deals’ you may find that during certain points of the year they have a larger deal on, this is typically around the summer/ new years time, you can also find better deals online by using codes from flyers, or in many circumstances the companies provide discount if you offer a review to the company, if so quickly fill out their online review and return shopping ! You can also use online forums such as pintrest or houzz to find other peoples bathroom ideas and renovations to imitate, often they’ll post how they managed to do it on a budget and where you can get similar products from.

Is it cheaper for a DIY bathroom

Maybe you’re a handy man! and have already done all the work yourself, or perhaps you think that you might be able to put the two together, plus with the magic and help of the internet, there’s a tutorial on almost everything from fitting a brand new bath to building your own shower enclosure or rainfall shower the internet will be able to help you not only assess the cost of bathroom but plan out the perfect way to conduct your bathroom design with helpful tips and guides, not to mention online companies actively engaging with their customers online could be a perfect opportunity for some good PR for them, and some 1 to 1 advice for you!

The average cost to create your own bathroom would be around £12,500 and if you’ve done all the hard work yourself, this price is a lot less than the average price of £6,000! Meaning it definitely is cheaper to do it yourself if you have the time and skills to do it, However, There are also lots of things that could be very expensive, for example, if you have next to no experience in remodelling or designing bathrooms, you’re likely to not know where to begin, and it may take you several days or weeks before you begin with the work, whereas a professional would likely be able to complete a new bathroom within -1-2 days depending on what is required. It’s also considerably cheaper for a bathroom you plan yourselves, if you opt for a flashy design from a larger company you may end up paying double what you originally planned, whereas if you design your own bathroom ideas, you would be able to present these to the contractor of your choice, based around your home and then get to work!


To Sum up, on average you’re looking at spending anywhere between £2,000 to £12,000, if you choose for the bathroom suite sets, and a more bespoke look, fitted by a professional with unique designs, lighting and flooring choices you can expect the bathroom to be relatively expensive, however if you make conscious decisions to avoid over-spending, swapping our some of the luxurious for alternatives, you could save up to £10,000.

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